1. E

    need new saddle but not sure on sizing

    i need advise desperately, back in 2012 my parents brought me a beautiful (actually handsome) Welsh Cob x Australian Pony he is 12.2hh but i am 5'2", i have no idea what size my current saddle is but now that i'm almost 20 it's getting a little small for me and a little tight for my gorgeous...
  2. A

    Head throwing exracer

    My new horse is an exracer and she is perfect in the school and tries her hardest (has a bad rein) but I know that's typical of an ex racer , but she still tries. However out hacking after about 15 mins she starts to throw head head up and down if you let her have the reins on the buckle. She...
  3. H

    Giveaway - good opportunity for first time riders

    Has anyone seen the giveaway Aztec Diamond Equestrian are doing? Opportunity to win £30,000 worth of prizes from various brands - including a trailer!! Ends on 28th September so still time to enter :)...
  4. A

    Buy a horse

    Hi there! New here. Just wondering if anyone had any experience buying a horse through a website? I mean, not locally, but with some shipping/delivery involved.
  5. W

    Suggest some Unique Names for horse?

    hi i have brown arabian horse and looking for new ideas, as i have picked some ideas from myhorsenames but looking for unique and bass ideas.
  6. G

    Advice for a rider in NYC.

    I’m currently 19 years old and I’m about to turn 20 in December. I’ve always had a passion for horses and I plan on going to transfer to a college out of state to study Equine science. I’ve been riding in multiple stables in NYC since I was 14-16 and it’s been my dream to jump as well as lease a...
  7. meganharman

    Help!! What saddle should I get??

    I have had a few loans but am not getting my first pony, but need a saddle for her!! She is a 14.1 connie x however at the mo is quite under muscled, and so i need a saddle that i can adjust as she changes shape. I want a jump saddle for sure, was looking at Kent and Masters?? But how do I know...
  8. T

    how much for a lesson on your own horse

    hi, guys, i was just wondering how much you all pay for a private lesson on your own horse im in London Bromley thank you Tia and Misty xx video of my horse
  9. T

    Meet my new horse plus new channel x

    hi everyone i have just join and wanted to introduce yourself and my horse im looking forward to get some help from all of you as she is only six and she is my first horse x
  10. Orimi

    Post you favourite horse and tips for XC and SJ! Thanks!

    Going to be doing some XC stuff on Wednesday!!! Really excited. Going to be getting a body pretector and a new helmet!! Yes SPARKLY HELMET. Then the week after that dressage -—- and show jumping :) !! Excited! XC was for only advanced riders!!! Found dream horse! Also her bridle and her...
  11. Hannah Kate

    Stifle Soreness 14 y/o OTTB

    An OTTB I have known for years and owned for just under a year has a stifle problem. The stifle locks ever so slightly but he just gets tight and sore. Multiple vets have seen him the lameness is only bad when ridden/lunged in a circle on a slight slope. All of the vets have suggested...
  12. ChloeAnWomble

    to hog or not to hog

    Help everyone! this is my boy merlin! his mane has been munched away and ive given up all hope of saving it! not even half is left! so thinking of hogging, do people think it will suit him?
  13. J

    Total mystery of swollen legs that have turned into lesions :( Help!

    Hey! So this is my first post. Hoping I will get some advice if anything :) so... My horse has had swollen back legs from the hock to the fetlock for about 10 months. They have not been hot, painful, no lameness, not tender, no behaviour change, still eager to run around his field, eating, all...
  14. L

    Freeland Riding Instructor Wanted

    Looking for a freelance horse riding instructor who is able to travel near Keynsham, Bristol. I'm a slightly nervous riding and my pony can be a little cheeky so I need to help gaining confidence in jumping as I would love to compete but I've lost confidence due to falls and refusals...
  15. Orimi

    Neck Pain

    Hello, My mom adores horse riding but due to whiplash she can't do trot without neck pain. Does anyone know something to help, or can she only walk on a horse.
  16. Orimi

    Favourite colour of horse?

    palimino Bay Chestnut Black Grey (white) Dapple grey Skewbald Piebald Tricolour Which is you fav :-) If you have any more COMMENT!
  17. Orimi

    Have I learned enough in two years

    Hello, I'm really unsure if I'm good at horse riding. I have one lesson a week for half an hour. I have been riding for a year since I broke my arm(horse decided to mump THROUGH the hand sized gate smashed it but she's still my bae) 16 weeks no riding then moving equestrians 10 weeks...
  18. HaloHoney

    WANTED: Horse to buy/spoil South East/South Central England

    Hello, I'm looking for my first horse to build a partnership and have fun with. I'm a first time owner but with bags of professional support at my current riding school where the horse will be on working livery. I've been back riding since September 2016 after a long absence but I decided about...
  19. ChloeAnWomble

    I Need him to get fatter!

    hello, i've just brought a new horse 14h sec C gelding but want to put more weight on him, he's currently having dengie alfalfa pellets equi-beet an pony nuts, i'm moving him onto calm and condition was wondering what people reccomend? he's also having linseed brewers yeast biotine and a tiny...
  20. T

    looking to part loan a horse

    I'm looking to part loan a horse a few days a week in the S17 or S18 area of Sheffield. I'm 16 and have been riding since I was 6. I've loaned horses for the past 3 years and have done showjumping, dressage, schooling, hacking and backed youngsters. if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.