1. Alyssa13

    Help on training some better brakes on a horse!

    Hello! So here's the situation: I'm riding a 13 year old horse, Ace, that is owned by a woman who has fallen ill. She never really cantered the horse much, the only person who cantered the horse frequently was the man who trained him and had a very specific riding style. He has not ridden him in...
  2. F

    Is this my only option?

    Hey there. I've been riding for around 10 months now, and really want to get more involved with horses. I joined my stable's Pony Club, and went to Summer Camp which I LOVED. Thing is, I only ride once a week. I have no horsey family, and my stables does not allow volunteers. I've tried looking...
  3. P

    Hi Folks, I came across a rating platform at and found it at least interesting. Appareantly a lot of stables in Germany but just 2 in the UK....yet......if you like have a look at it and let me know what you think? Cheers Peter
  4. Megan Quartley

    Any horse bloggers out there?

    So at the start of the year I decided to start a blog on wordpress about my progress and adventures with my two horses. I'd love to follow more people if there are any of you that also blog about yours? My blog is Leave a link to your blog...
  5. Hope Price

    How much does your horse cost a year?

    On average, And please don't include showing, Or lessons just the price for the horse upkeep at a boarding facility. Thanks guys!! FYI I live in Colorado USA
  6. D

    Unique Handmade Equestrian Products

    Small family owned company with cool, unique handmade equestrian products.
  7. M

    Loping bouncing problem?

    Hey guys! Hopefully some of you can help me because im facing a problem. I am a semi advanced barrel western horse rider and I have been riding for about 3-4 years. I have recently encountered a problem with my new lease horse with loping, and I have had this thing of bouncing out of my saddle...
  8. H

    horse riding morocco

    hi guys horse riding is really a good way to explore some places in Morocco, especially the atlas mountains. I am sure that you will like it! enjoy!