Post a photo 2021 edition


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Dec 3, 2014
Rhode Island,New england
Huggy it didn't bother them at all.
They shoot a lot too.
Some sound like high powered rifles.
That doesn't bother them either.

He does also have a canon THAT IS EXTREMELY LOUD.

He doesn't shoot that off very often.

I think of it all as free training..
They hear all the different things I never know when..and its no big deal.

The guy next to me at the old house had a
Hot rod he would have to start with ether.
That was very loud and noisy even after it was started.
That didnt bother them either.

But he would go to car shows and some times be leaving at 230 am 4am etc.
I personally either just went back sleep or many times I was already up.

Some neighbors were not thrilled.




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Dec 3, 2014
Rhode Island,New england
Sonny was adamant he didn't want to go out today.
He just stood at the gate staring at the closed gate.
I felt like I was staring at sergeant Troy
On midsummer murder when the iron maiden was shut on him.
But instead of Troy Saying you shut the door on me.

SONNY is saying YOU shut the gate .

The weather looked to be breaking
so I put him in the cavaketti pen
He went right over to the fence to tell Lincoln. Can't you talk sense into MOM.

I didn't leave him out long but there WAS NOT second cut inside just first..
If that's why he was being a brat..


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Feb 11, 2017
United States
@horseandgoatmom our horses sure do have a way of communicating, don’t they, lollol. I can pretty much guess the look you’re getting from under Sonny’s fly mask😂

Temps were great last week, but we are back in high 80’s/low 90’s this week with humidity because the air is coming at us from the Gulf. I shampooed the horses this morning because there was too much yuk in the winter hair they are acquiring for my arthritis to brush out. I could have used the vacuum but getting wet sounded like more fun, lol

I know shorter days prompt winter hair growth but why does it have to start in mid-July in Tennessee- blah.

These are my two dogs plus one, lollollol. Odie on the far left, the little JR?/maybe Border Collie?/?? mix waits until his people go to work, then he comes over here because he doesn’t think he should be relegated to their back yard with the other three rescues, lollol

He is a smart little guy, very polite and has the drill down for his house and ours, lol. We dumped the manure, unhooked the cart, and this is how we look when we receive the “get to the house” command. Those are three happy waggy tails:). Odie will stay most of the day because it’s hot outside and he finds AC, treats and cool water much more appealing, lol

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