Introductions here please!

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Jan 3, 2003
I'm 32, have ridden since I was 3, and was very lucky to have my own pony from 5 (we were not well-off but my parents decided feeding our horse addiction would be cheaper in the longterm than running us around various clubs and classes etc, and I think they were right - we did it very much on a budget).

I rode until I was 13, mostly long rides, was aiming for endurance but used to average 30-40 miles on a normal weekend in the summer anyway, out with my dad on his bike (he was an ex racing cyclist). My beloved connemara x was pts when I was 13 with nerve damage in his back and I didn't get another riding pony for over 10 years, I went to driving Shetlands, competed locally in driving trials with single and pair, also drove tandem at home.

As an adult I still have the Shetlands (although I lost my original one, Mac, in the field aged 26 in 2006, we had been together 16 years), I also have Rupert the NF who was my project pony who is now out on longterm loan at the moment and doing fantastically, we have Pablo, our unintentional project horse, who was finally ridden for the first time in 6 years last summer, and we have Alfie who was bought as an antidote to the 'projects' and is a gorgeous bombproof boy.

Here is Alfie

Rupert (and me just about to fall off at 4 months pregnant with Beth :eek: )

Shetlands (in their prime)

Polo, aged 22 (and very fat :eek: )

We are restoring a croft house on Shetland, have two small girls (Beth, almost 4, and Lucy, 1) 2 cats, a whippet, lots of chickens, three goats, two gerbils and two goldfish!

eta - in 'real life' I am doing a part-time PhD in archaeology.
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Hi i'm Norman and very OLD!!!! i'm a Equine and Human Bowen Therapist and saddle fitter, i now seem to spend equal amounts of time here and in South Africa where i also do Bowen treating and teaching horse owners how to Bowen there own horses!!!
I started riding aged 40, and was very lucky to have had as my first horse this fella.

We lost him 3 years ago aged 28 after having him 19 years, he was a star in all disciplines and taught me everything, and i still really miss him!!!!!
We now have 5 horses, (you can see them on show us your horses) i don't get much time to ride now as i travel all over the country.
i absolutely love horses and can't imagine a life without them..:)


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Apr 25, 2008
Hi, I'm Claire. Been riding for about 12 years now. Got my first horse(s) two years and 1 month ago!!

First purchased my Trakehner 1 week after moving into our smallholding, then a week later welsh pony arrived, then our brute of a cob arrived!!

I ride my dressage star Trakehner, my OH and 9 year old son rides the cob and my 6 year old son rides the pony.

So you could say I jumped straight in at the deep end. Absolutely love it. Have to say I prefer the horses to the kids though hah hah, they are so much easier :D.

Here's some pics of my three....

Best I could do I'm afraid. Not very good with uploading pics. Sorry.


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Dec 18, 2007
Bournemouth, Dorset
This is a great thread. i dont really think about the people behind the posts very much - just take the post as it comes... so am quite surprised to hear about people - a bit shocked at some! I kind of tend to presume everyone is similar to me - 40s, female etc - you clearly arent!!!!!

ADHD Alfie

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Oct 2, 2009
West Midlands
Hi, I'm Hannah
I have been riding on and off all my life but have been having lessons for about 2 years now and bought my first horse 6 months ago! *yay!*
He's a 15.1 bay tb gelding called Alfie, he's a bit backwards bless him and he's known on the yard as being very 'special' lol! We have had our fair share of ups and downs whilst getting to know eachother (we think he's had a hard life and does not really trust anyone)
He's settled really well now though and we are now trying to work on getting him in an outline, he has no topline and his head looks like its been put on upside down! We hope to get to our first dressage test at xmas and just started getting into our jumping, highest being 2"9 at the min.
Haven't uploaded any pics yet, but will get some asap :D


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Feb 12, 2009
Hi im Nicola (nick for short) and i have been riding on and off since i was 4 years old so for about 26 years!!

I have one horse who has a lovely little character (i say little, he is 16hands!) and we do a bit of everything when we can. I don't have any other pets other than my other half :)... would love a dog but i hardly home due to work so i will have to wait for that. :D


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Nov 26, 2008
i'm lynn, been around horses most of my life, im 56 now. worked as a groom in n.h. yard and hunters livery, and for a racehorse breeder trainer, when i was in my 20s, gave up riding for a while, and returned to it about 16 years ago, have owned 5 since then, they are with me for ( thier ) life. i now have 2, one 14.3h ride and drive, who i mainly drive, with bouts of riding , and one who just about scrapes 13h, and who we are slowly breaking to harness, he is currently pulling a pallet, and is unfazed by it. i have one dog, a sweet little sheltie, and some pekin bantams, and 2 grown sons. im a bit of a free spirit/ rebel , and dont have a lot to do with the local horse fraternity, as just prefer doing my own thing.


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Jan 14, 2002
Sunderland, UK
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Been riding for over 40 years now :eek:

In 'real life' I'm a hospital pharmacist plus do occasional locums to fund the horse addiction.

I'm Mum to three cats (Honey, Tigger and Harry) and three horses (plus a niece & nephew who have long left home - showing my age now :D ).

Equine interests are dressage and sport horse breeding.

My three horses are all girls and consist of:

Peri - a 20yo 16hh 7/8TB bay mare, she competed up to Inter I level but retired from the ring last year and is now mostly a happy hacker. She has had one foal (now 3yo) and is currently 5 months in foal with her second - the Daddy is the KWPn stallion Mooiman (Flemmingh X Roemer)

Tavia - 14yo 15.2½hh Russian Orlov x TB/Connemara grey mare. Currently competing up to advanced medium. I'm hoping to do a couple of PSGs with her before she retires to stud next spring. She is going to Santana HFD (Sandro Hit x Rohdiamant) for her first foal which is already sold to an eventing home. After that she is going to schoolmaster a friend at elementary level for a couple of years before I breed a foal from her to retain.

Belle - 3yo KWPN chestnut filly, currently standing around 15.3hh but looks as though she will make 16.2hh - 16.3hh as she is maturing very slowly (like her Mum did). She is out of Peri by Mooiman. She is mostly a pampered pet at the moment, although she does pony from her Mum and is now long-reining in readiness for backing towards the end of summer next year.

I also compete a 14hh Fell Pony gelding called BJ that belongs to a friend. he's out at elementary and medium level.

I share a yard with two friends, one owns the Fell Pony and the other has two geldings called Rolo and George. George is our 'elder statesman' at 28yo, and leads a gentle life with his harem of my three girls and the occasional plod out under saddle.

Used to teach a bit but now don't have much time so only have one client who understands my life is erratic with on-calls etc. Also do a fair bit of dressage judging.

Sparky Lily

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Nov 27, 2008
Yell, Shetland
I'm Pat. I'm aged 59. I had a couple of years riding as a child, but stopped when school became serious. Always loved horses, but had nothing more to do with them until I took eldest granddaughter for her first lessons when she was about 4 (she's 18 now). I started riding again, then OH took the plunge on got on a horse for the first time!

Two years later we bought our first horse, an absolute saint called Frederick, who taught us so much. Sadly we lost him 7 years ago, and then bought the divine Harvey. Although I loved riding, my confidence was not good, and at one point I had hypnotherapy, which helped enormously. However, increasing stiffness began to make riding more problematic - though I did manage to pass Stage 1 before the rot really set in.

As our horses were at livery at a large training yard/riding school (we both worked full time), I had been able to try out riding side saddle and carriage driving, both of which I loved. At about the same time as riding became more difficult, I had the chance to buy Grace, a 38" shetland who had not long been broken to harness, complete with exercise cart and harness. I've not looked back! Eggwub came down from Shetland last year and I hope to drive him as a pair with Grace - eventually.

I don't compete, but I am up to showing off and having fun. This is me driving Grace (grey) and the yard's shetland at a festival last year. It was only the third time they had been driven as a pair - and my 4th attempt at driving a pair! It was brilliant. My granddaughter is the blonde on the back. The other two are a friend and his son.



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Jul 24, 2009
I'm Sophie. I'm 34 now and have been riding since I was 3 and was really lucky that my dad let me get a horse on loan when I was 12 (once I'd cycled round all the local yards and found a suitable one, then nagged and nagged until he finally gave in)! I owned and competed horses at local level until I was 21 when I went travelling. I then had my sons (who are now 9 and 11) and have been riding again for about 18 months. I bought my horse Basil in August last year. He had been pretty neglected as a youngster and wasn't backed until he was 6 when he was rescued by the girl I bought him from.

Unfortunately he had a bad back in July and we also noticed he was lame at the same time. We are still trying to get to the bottom of it so I haven't ridden him much at all since then. Off to vets again tomorrow so fingers crossed.

I'm lucky I have something else to ride who is a lovely sensible chap, so I'm going round thinking I'm 12 again and cantering on every bit of grass I see, which is a novelty as Basil's a bit of a nutter, bless him and is likely to blow a gasket at any given moment!

Ah the trials and tribulations of horse ownership!:D


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Aug 22, 2007
I'm Jen, 23, been riding since I was 6 (don't have enough fingers to work out how long that is), I have two ponies - a coloured cob mare (welsh x trad) called Puzzle who is one loveable monkey with the prettiest face in the world....which gets her out of muchos trouble! We got her from gypsy's when I was 16, she was a bit of a re-hab case - she didn't really do forward but we eventually got her up to Novice dressage level which was the most amazing thing ever, we then decided to breed from her and I now have her daughter Inca who is 2 and taking after her mummy! She's a black 3/4 Section D by ThorndonPark Jet, got high hopes for her!

Some Pics:



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Mar 29, 2009
Greetland, West Yorks
Hi. I am Alison, 45 years old and recently returned to riding. I own Muffin - a 19 year old 16.3hh Welsh Section D x TB. I just want a quiet life as a happy hacker and I am thoroughly enjoying living my childhood dream. Also own a rescue greyhound called Burnley, a cat called Chamba, a hubby and 2 sons (23 and 20). Muffin is on full livery due to my job as Director of an IT company which means frequent travel - but I see him every day when working from home.
Really great to see you all on this thread!
Here is my boy:



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Mar 5, 2004
Ohio, USA
Hello! *waves*

I've been here for quite a long time...not as long as some, though! But 5.5 years is a pretty good run, right? ;)

Anyway, I'm Christy. I just turned 27, am married to the most wonderful guy in the world, and we just had our first child, a beautiful baby girl, just under three months ago. We also have 2 doggies, 2 kitties, and one horse named Levi.

I've been "riding" since I was about two years old, but with huge gaps, and never seriously until 7 years ago when I started working at a dude ranch, and then bought a horse, changed degrees, and started riding and showing at college (uni to you lot). I've been obsessed with them since I could talk, though!

I ride english and western, but have only ever shown western equitation. I love to jump, but have had my confidence killed by my old Arab mare and can't even get myself to go above a walk at this time. Levi is a doll-baby, though, and I believe he is finally THE ONE to help me get my confidence back.

I have a BS degree in Equine Science, and am currently studying for my MBA. I'll have that done in June of next year. I'm also planning on going to school for Equine Massage Therapy at the beginning of next year. I like school, can you tell? :eek:

Here's Ben working with Levi on Sunday. He is a 16.3 hand TB who used to steeplechase. He's 9 years old, and jumps, does dressage, and has been ridden hunter under saddle and western. He has excellent ground manners, and doesn't put a hoof out of line. He's also extremely laid-back. He was given to us for free a month ago, and I think we most definitely got the better end of that deal! :D

(he does need some more weight...we're working on it!)


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Sep 29, 2007
Wonderful Wales
Hello I am Lorna 44 years old and live on a sheep farm in Wales:). For as long as I can remember I have loved horses:). After constant nagging I was allowed weekly lessons at a local RC from 8 years old. I did not get my first horse until I was 22. Would have not had it then only my lovely aunt bought a place with land and kept her promise of letting me keep one there! Due to personal circumstances the dream did not last long and I had to sell my beloved mare:(.

Did not do much riding for the next 20 years:eek: due to work, children etc. But history has a strange way of repeating itself and daughter started nagging for a pony and it went from there! We currently have 4 which we are lucky to have on our doorstep. Tilly cobx 14.2, when we bought her had urinary pooling as a result of being a broodmare. Thankfully its more or less resolved:D. Tilly is a forward going sweetie and herd leader. Fresca, fjord 13.2 we bought as a 3 year old and backed her ourselves she is now 5. Fresca is a very special lady to me we have a real bond. Hardy fjord 14.2 daughters partner who she adores. They do PC, RC, are in the jumping team and lots more! Storm the latest addition a 3 year old part bred arab who we have broken and backed ourselves. Originally she was a project but OH has fallen for her so fingers crossed she will become Beth's competition horse in the future! I am very lucky that OH is a very capable horse person from a strong horsey background. I am loving being back with horses and it gives us all another shared interest:D.

Moving ewes and lambs with Fresca

Off to gather sheep with Tilly

Storm and OH

Beth and Hardy at our last pleasure ride


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Mar 10, 2004
at the yard
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Hi, I am Clare (if you didn't guess that part!), am 28, and I have been riding for 7 years. I was always pony mad but family never had the cash for me to learn. As soon as I had my own steady job I was straight to a riding school!

I am now pround sharer of a lovely TB called Stroller, who is on livery at the RS, I also still ride in lessons there and help out on the yard.

Working towards getting my first horse in the next one to two years, saving up and researching all livery options etc, very exciting.

I have been taking BHS exams, I have Stage 1 under my belt, and Stage 2 care. Had one failed attempt at Stage 2 riding, will be retaking that next.

I also have a dog who lives with my mum.

I work for the council and find this a good way to fund my horse obsession! and I live with my long-suffering OH whi is allergic to horses :eek:


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May 22, 2009
Hi I am Caroline started the wrong way round lol I started riding racehorses at 11 years old till 15years old I had some pretty hairy experiences which have stuck and a very bad fall at 15 (all ribs broken and a broken nose) knocked my confidence and I decided to have a very long break from the horses and go to college uni etc I am now 29 years old and I got back into the horses/ cobs 3 years ago I own three (welsh section d aged 9, irish cob aged 9 and an ex racer aged 5).

When I came back to riding I felt like a novice all over again and had to start from scrath you just dont have the confidence you had as a child as an adult rider one fall could mean broken bones and not being able to work. I have my own yard and balance it between work.


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Murphley Moo

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Jun 5, 2009
Molly moo - see the 2 lines of icons above you when you post a message? Click on the paperclip one (top line) and you can browse your pc for pictures you want to post, then click 'upload'. I also paste some from photobucket. Hope this helps and look forward to seeing your photos!

dancing lucy

May 23, 2008
Hi Im Megan I will be 52 this month but still think I am 22, I helped out at local stables when I was young to be able to get hack when we had finished work, my parents couldnt afford a horse for me. When I was 22 I was due to go on maternity leave from work when we were unexpectedly made redundant my hubby said spend the money on what you want as its something we didnt expect so he was quite shocked when I wanted a horse at 8 months pregnant but that is what I got. Since then I have had a few more over the years the longest being Sovereign a grey mare who I owned for 18 years till she died aged 30. I now have Betty a 16.1 dutch warmblood and Snoopy a 15.3 coloured cob who are both spoiled rotten, I keep them in Stalybridge which is not far from Manchester on a DIY yard. I have 3 daughters and 4 grandsons only 1 daughter likes horses and she spends as much time as me at the yard we ride quite often and sometimes set off on one horse and swap halfway round. I work as a Site Foreman on a asphalt plant which is something completely different from a secretary which I used to be but I enjoy it very much.