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Dec 30, 2006
I'm 36. I was made redundant 8 years ago from my job as a customer service manager and trouble-shooter just before I found out I was pregnant. I can't imagine working for anyone else again and now am in the process of doing up a couple of buy to let properties which I am thoroughly enjoying but I haven't ridden since I started them.

I rode regularly at an urban yard from the age of about 7-8 and stopped riding regularly during my A level exams. I then returned to riding at the age of 32 and bought my first horse within months of that.

I have a 14.3hh welsh sec d mare aged 9 and then got her 'boyfriend' on long term loan just over a year ago so that she could have a long term companion and I could go it alone and rent a field and not have to share it. He's about 10.2hh shetland x about 18ish years old. They are both out 24/7 and very good doers.

I'm not a serious rider. I don't see my ponies as 'sport'. I'm a happy hacker who won't ride in an enclosed area as you don't go anywhere! I hate riding in circles as I am very self concious and I don't see the point! I am the equivilant of a sunday driver. I ride out in reasonable weather when I have time and like nothing better than looking over hedges at houses I can't afford and popping little jumps that get in the way and having a good blast across country when my pony and I feel we want to. My favourite ride is through a local river.

I don't have matching tack, I don't rug, my ponies always have a patch of mud on them somewhere and generally look a bit scruffy! I'm not sociable in my horsey world. I go to the yard to be with my ponies and I find that people just get in the way and complicate things so like to steer clear. My forums are my horsey social life as well as a great source of info :)
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Dec 9, 2004
I'm Kelly, 31 and have been riding since I was 5yrs old thanks to a friend at school who had her own horses I then pestered my parents in taking me riding which I'm fairly sure they are so pleased they did :D lol as I ended up pestering them again when I was 13 to get my 1st pony.

I now have 3 horses, mad about dressage but since the birth of my little boy 22months ago I haven't had a chance to get out to any comps but am loving riding at home, and my 4yr old mare has recently been backed so having so much fun with her at the moment.


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Sep 19, 2005
Apologies if this is long!

Hi! I'm Jess, I'm 23 and I'm currently studying physiotherapy at Brighton university.

I've been riding since I was 10ish, volunteered at a horse rescue place from age of 14 - 16, then started volunteering for an RDA group where I trained to become an instructor! Through the RDA group I started to look after a gorgeous TB called Spyder, I looked after him for around 6 years, then had to give him up to come away to uni. I still see him when I go back to my mum's though, and his owner still lets me ride him :D

I now ride at an amazing riding school near Eastbourne, where I've had a great opportunity to do lots of competitions! In fact I have a dressage test next week, and then in a few weeks we're going over to Plumpton college to do more dressage. I ride a few different horses, but have done the most on Rose, a 15hh coloured cob:

I also hack out with my friend in Brighton, exercising a couple of RDA ponies. I ride Rose (another one!), who is a lovely 14hhish NF pony:



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May 9, 2009
My name is Patricia, I'm in my 40's :eek:, I have 2 children under 7 years old, and I'm married to their father, a beef farmer.
Horse wise I have Belle my 15h coloured mare, warmblood X cob, we do a little of anything and are hoping to do more of everything :rolleyes:

I also have her companion, Hector, Shetland X spotty, we're hoping to get driving, but never seem to have the time :eek:

We also have too many cows, a huge flock of 7 sheep, some hens and 2 dogs, Patterdale terrier and a Collie, both 6 month old bitches.


I'm Yann, a 40 something horse addict :D I was a pony mad child and rode for a few years until the riding school we went to closed. That was more or less it for the next 30 odd years or so until I became a dad and my daughter developled a similar interest and started having regular riding lessons. I spent many hours leaning on the fence watching her and wondering if it was something I could actually do again myself even though I was male and in my mid 30's, but it was and the rest is history :D

Started off in ownership after a spell sharing with Rio, our beautiful welshie x, then added Gem the naughty exmoor on loan for a while until she was thoroughly outgrown, and finally Tess the Tb joined the family.

Interest wise I've had an awful lot of success with NH techniques so am quite interested in that, and hooves and barefoot trimming, although my horses now spend part of the year shod. I work for a road surfacing contractor as an estimator, a nice dull office job with regular hours that gives me plenty of time to spend with the horses :)

Dark Storm

Well I'll be a Krampus's Auntie! :D!
Jan 4, 2009
I'm Sarah, I'm 33, I work for Swizzels Matlow (making Jellies), and I have 2 horses, Shadow 7yrs old(Cob x shire) and Bailey 16mths (welsh secD), I rather like the quiet life, just don't seem to be able to quite get it (in all aspects of my life):rolleyes: but I'm happy and that's all that matters:)

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Sep 7, 2009
I'm Kerry and I've been involved with horses one way or another since I was 4, I'm now 40. There have been horses in my family since I was 11 and that was a part bred Arab that my mum and I "broke in" ourselves when she sat me on his back to walk down a field in a headcollar and rope, and I had no hat on. Would not dream of recommending that one, although the horse was fine about it!

I only wanted to work with racehorses when I was a teen. I was lucky enough to go to the jockey school in Newmarket and then on to a yearling-breaking and general recovery yard in Berkshire. After a couple of years there I got involved in Arabs and worked in Cumbria, and loved the breeding and showing in-hand side of things. From there I ended up coincidentally working for the owner of a mare that I'd looked after at that stud, and began there 4 days after the resultant foal was born. Brilliant! My Sam and my late show horse were also bred and owned by the same person.

I now prefer to be an owner and in charge of what I do and when with my horses, but after fifteen years of not working with them, I'm now aiming to train in either Equine Touch or Shiatsu and go self-employed.


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Kimmy C

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Jun 9, 2009
Canvey Island Essex England
Hi, I am Kim, I will be 52 in December and have had Adella for 22 years, she is nearly 30 and still as lively as the day I bought her when she was 7. I didnt learn to ride till I was about 21 and then at 29 bought my own horse. I had a few accidents before that when trying out different horses to buy. I was very niaive(?) back then and wanted a steady, slow horse. I got Adella who was very overweight and, guess what?, when she lost her weight she was a total nightmare!! Even the instructor at our local riding school refused to get on her. So it was kill or cure, I have cried buckets over her but mainly in the beginning, I have learned a lot and still learning thanks to NR mainly. She is a good girl now but has her quirky ways but I put up with all that as although she is always on a mission and has no patience, she has never run off with me even in a worst moments. She has been hit by a car, got loose when my dad left the field gate open, cantered down busy main road and still lived to tell the tale. I love her dearly. She is not the best or easiest to train or ride but she is mine.


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I'm Gill a life long horse addict. I started riding in 1965 when I was 11 (work it out!) and was a riding school rider until my thirties when I got my first horse. My two daughters share the horse bug and are now grown up and away with their own horses.

I have four native ponies, whose pics are on the other thread. They give me so much pleasure and I'm always learning. For years I was a hacker and did pleasure rides so now I am learning more about horse training ( I like the clicker method) and do more of the going round in circles too. I keep mine at home so I can 'do it my way'.

Ten years ago we started Westgate Labs and it is a thriving business today, still with the original mission of helping horse owners to understand worming their horses and to do it better.


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Jul 14, 2007
Hi I am Kay, 52. Had occasional rides when really young but started really learning aged about 8 with a local girl who gave lessons to help pay for
her Horse:)

Rode a friends Horse for years throughout my teens as she was ill and in and out of Hospital but didn't get to own my own Horse until I was 34 !!! Have owned a TB, Arab X Welsh and now onto the Welshies;) However Arabs really do remain my favourite breed. Have done the odd Gymkhana when younger but really into the hacking and Pleasure Ride side of things, don't mind popping the odd log out and about but a
ring full of jumps feels me with dread, lol. Never sure if it was the thought of jumping them all OR finding the correct way around them, lol.

I now have two Youngsters, Welshie D X Traditional and a Shetland who
I intend to back next year (I WON'T be the one 'backing' the Shetland:p) but will see how I feel as to if they are 'ready' or not.

Sioned the Welshie X is for me and the Shetland was bought as both a companion and for my 6 year old Grandaughter, who is thankfully following the interest;)
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Jul 24, 2009
Hi I'm Cindy and I'm forty something. We have 7 horses in Total. Emily is my husbands horse she is a shire, we rescued her from the meat man. Her daughter Peggy was a BOGOF and a total surprize and is also a shire (we had her DNA tested, long story). Chrunchie is a little chestnut gelding we rescued from Dryad Riding Stables, my boys love him. Flora is my Ardennes very wide to ride I feel like a toddler on a shetland. Toffee our mini horse thinks shes about 18hh. Kate is a black Percheron who belongs to my Husband she was meant to be mine but I found her a bit intimidating. Last but not leaset Bombacha my Criollo I got him today. We also have a small flock of sheep which are mostly Wiltshire Horns Lead by Gordon Ramsey the Ram. Plus 2 dogs Basil and Lottie. 3 cats Cosmo, Boo and Sprocket. A Hamster called Moley and a geko called spotty. I think thats the lot. I have 2 boys aged 8 and 18 months. I have been riding since the age of 7, but have had long periods where I didn't ride. I have totally lost my nerve after a bad accident earlier this year but I am determind to get back to where I left off.


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Murphley Moo

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Jun 5, 2009

I'm 42 and have only recently taken up horse riding . When i was 14 i had a friend who had horses and i occasionally trotted on one of them!

I have recently taken on a share pony with the hope of next year buying my own. Just need to make sure i don't wimp out in the winter blizzards first!


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Oct 1, 2008
Hello my name is Carrie I am 31 and have two lovely sons I also have a lovely piebald mare called Jade, not keen on schooling but love hacking, especially around the lovely Bredhurst countryside!!

Used to be a nervous nellie but am slowly progressing :D

Mary Poppins

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Oct 10, 2004
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I am 32, have been riding on and off since I was 5. I had a break during my uni years but got back into it again in my early 20s. After a couple of years of lessons and shares that didn't work out, I had a beautiful shire horse on loan for 4 years. She was my best friend and gave me so much confidence. She had a heart condition and couldn't go faster than a trot, but we spent many hours plodding around the farm in walk. I loved every minute I spent with her but I sadly had to give her up when I became pregnant with my son 3 years ago. She sadly died on 30th December last year.

After having my son I returned to being a weekly rider at a local riding school. I have been riding there for over a year and during that time I have gone from being a very nervous rider, to competing in cross country, showjumping and dressage. I have a favourite horse who has now been retired from the school and I hope to take him on loan next year.

I am currently not riding due to being 15 weeks pregnant but can't wait to get back into it again. This is my last pregnancy and I plan to buy my own horse just as soon as I can. I can't wait to get back into it again properly. I love riding at my riding school, but I really miss caring for a horse and really having that special relationship.


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Jun 27, 2007
Somewhere over the rainbow...
I'm Kirsty and I am currently owned by two staffies called Dippy & Ino and the lovely Princess Holly my 15hh Section D x Arab Mare :) I currently work as an administrator for a large brewery but I will be leaving the company at the end of this month following being made redundant :)


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Sep 30, 2009
Buckie, Scotland
Im Vicky, 26yrs and i live in Moray in Scotland with my husband and Harlee(3yr)
I have ridden since before birth!(my mum was riding until she was 8 1/2 months pregnant). took a few yrs out to have my little boy and about 6months ago took the plunge and brought an ex racer called Roseau. he never won anything and he spent a few yrs dossing around until i got him undernourished, no top line,no muscle wat so ever really!

and im never happier than when me a my little monster are charging round the field with ros in tow :) (he just loves Harlee)

always up for a chat and look forward to making some good friends.

x x x


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Apr 4, 2009
Heya i am zoe i am 18 been riding since i was 11 started at a riding school and then met my friend liz who i have helped the last 4 years and been riding diff ranges horses i am now currently loaning a stunning 15.1hh american quater horse mare who is 7 years old and is very green she is super and loving, I am into showing mostly i have jumped and tried dressage but tend to enjoy cleaning and making them look pretty :D i have qualified for the royal london show 2 times this year but sadly couldnt compete in the show itself but the thought i qualified made me happy.

I currently live in wymondham near norwich and i am a lettings agent for a company in the city.

Nice to meet you all :D