2017 Hacking/ Riding Challenge.... Add your photos too

Native Lover

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Jul 13, 2009
Lincolnshire,wheres the hills?
This will be the 3rd year that New Rider has run this..... add your names if you are planning joining us in 2017.

Lets keep this a lot simpler this year...... hours or miles ridden & hours or miles inhand.

Everybody is welcome whatever you ride. It to encourage you to ride whatever the weather even small miles count...... every step , every discipline

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Dec 3, 2014
Rhode Island,New england
Did a 45 min walk but wow had trouble getting past a spot on her driveway to get over there.
Virginia and Polly came along with the atv luckily cause I would have been on my hands and knees.

Took a different route with Sonny today I could not cross the driveway to go the way I had been going.
We still had an awesome walk and I did a bit of exploring on a path along the cranberry bog I had not taken and a hill area that overlooks the ring.
We got a couple of the challenges in = Went down on hill trail and 20 ft in it really was too dense so we very nicely backed out I had him stand on a teeny tiny flat rock not much bigger than his foot then he stood on a bigger rock and backed off that one cause it was very icy on the other side.
Polly I guess lol was watching me out the back of the barn and when I came around said omg I saw you were gonna have him stand on that rock form her angle she could not see I had checked to be sure the rock was not icy.
So I'm thrilled I started day one of the new year and I feel great for the walk.
Its quite nice out if it was not still so your term lol BLOODY icy .


Sonny in hand .75 hrs

the little rock
the big rock
overlooking the ring from on the hill
its total ice


the hill was quite nice though
and so was the nice sunny path along the cranberry bog.
So day one accomplished only 364 more to go:rolleyes:.


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Dec 29, 2016
Took my new boy out to blow some steam today as we have a comp tomorrow! No pics as I was alone (unless you want a shot of his ears haha!) but we did some hillwork and he got a big bath afterwards.

I'm going with hours as we deal in the metric system so kilometres not miles!)
total so far 2017:


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Jun 4, 2014
I'm in :)

We did 6km/3.7 miles today in about 43 minutes today & had a blast. I loved being out on our first hack of 2017 today as I'm sadly back at work tomorrow, although it was jolly cold ...!

A few snaps below:

Just a tad cold here this morning ... !

For bigger images, I think you just need to click each photo as they show up tiny?!

Looking forward to hopefully a fun year'so hacking!

2017 Total:
Miles: 3.7
Time: 43 minutes


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Mar 23, 2015
I had to cancel my planned hack this morning as it was far too icy :( It was a bit better in the afternoon so Harvey and I had a very careful wander out with Teg and Ian


3.75 miles
1 hour 15
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