Ziggy's shoes came off today...


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Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
...after the remedial farriery, and I wish I had taken pictures.

He had been looking fine, but the last couple of weeks he has been uncomfortable, tripping and stumbling. The clenches were all working out of the shoes as well. He has been on fresh grass for two weeks and his feet have grown and flared a lot.

His left foot (which did not have an abscess) is poor, with heels too far forward and not enough toe, but Trevor feels fairly confident about getting it back in balance within a couple of trims.

His right foot had the abscess. When Trevor was paring the sole huge flakes pulled away, revealing the layers where the abscess had been, all over the sole of his foot. No wonder he was in such pain. When the trim was finished his sole was proud of the hoof wall at the front, just as it was when he first transitioned. It's pretty poor and Trevor is concerned enough to want to come back for a check between trims. He'll need boots for all work off grass (that's everything, essentially).

This is rotten, BUT Trevor did acknowledge that if he'd been barefoot over the summer while recovering from the abscess, rather than remedially shod, I probably wouldn't have been able to ride him at all until recently. This would have given me real problems with his weight management. As it is he's been in work for nearly two months, and I can still work him booted, so the overall outcome is not too awful.

Unfortunately the change of shape on his right front means he needs a new, slightly bigger boot, which is yet more expense *sigh*.

As an afterthought - while Trevor is working Ziggy sniffs him, stretches his neck around to watch what he is doing, and Y A W N S hugely. He could not be more chilled. He is not like that with any farrier that I have used.

Mary Poppins

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Oct 10, 2004
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I have to admit to having slightly too much wine on my weekly cooking night (I batch cook once a week and freeze daily meals), and I know next to nothing about feet anyway. Just thought that I would say that it's lovely that Ziggy is relaxed with the trimmer and I hope that he has the feet that you desire in a few months time.


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Apr 15, 2012
I know you know this but hooves take time to sort themselves out but I'm sure that with the help of Trevor and your hard work Ziggy's hooves will be much better soon! I think it is good that the remedial shoes have allowed you to ride and keep on top of his weight as I know how much of a worry that can be!


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Mar 22, 2013
It sounds like you have an exc farrier who knows his stuff and will the best for your handsome boy :smile:

Such a journey you have been off :frown:

Jeni O.

Jul 31, 2012
Sounds like Trevor will have things sorted for Ziggy as soon as possible. How great for you both that you have found someone who takes pride in his work and knows what he is doing.
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