' You dont do things by half eh Lauren?'


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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
Before I start this is completely my own fault and I know it. However previously nothing has happened before hand.

Sox hadn't been worked in around two week and given I have a show coming in I thought I better do some practising. At the tope of the school with a friend shouting out the test. We get to M meant to be trotting to E. Sox finds it very exciting, too much! He starts leaping off all fours 5 times by the 3rd I have lost my footing, by the 4th my balance and as he goes into the 5th I hit the deck from 6ft +! Landing on my right hand side. My hip, the upper ribs then head :( Straight away I had a massive headache though it went off. I hop back on and clearly sox wasn't done as we carried off from where we left off only for him to shoot into canter and buck, though I stayed on! Decided to walk the rest. Got him all sorted and muck out. Had a cigg to calm down and drove him. Then started to feel quite sick and had a faint headache. Went to A&E to get checked out for my concussion. got a taxi there and my dad met me there.
Got called through soon after. He did my obs, asked me questions, popped out the room. Came back, asked more questions and checked my back before popping back out. He lowers the trolley, asked me to hop on, pops out again.. Then he tells me He just has to ring the other side ( Majors or Resus) . 2 minutes later I am being told not to move my head or neck and I am going through to majors. Took into a bigger room then normal, had a ecg, obs done again. Ultrasound. Doctors examines me, mainly belly, spine, legs. Had a ct scan. No internal bleeding. Turned out I wasn't in majors I was in Resus!! Thankfully. Its all muscular They were worried I had damaged my lower back!!

Must stop ending up in A&E for horse related issues!

So I am fine thank god. Just my back hurts and I still ave a headache!


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Dec 21, 2003
I am glad you are OK too. When I fell off last year I had a delayed and massive head ache. I went for a check up and, like you say, they checked everything tho in my case, not my spine. It is really a dilemma isnt it when one has the scans and everything is fine. But they emphasised I was right to go - it does seem sensible after one reads about people who died after a knock to the head while skiing. They also by the way told me not to stop riding, tho as yet I havent started again.

If your head is still hurting they gave me paracetamol but the important thing is not to start riding again till your head is better. My doctor daughter is always warning me that it is the second blow to an injured head that is the greatest risk. So one shouldnt really hop back on - tho that is what I was always taught and I rode home. Especially stupid as one has just bashed one's hat


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Apr 16, 2009
Hasnt been checked recently.
Though is due to be done this month or next

I only say this because I ride ginger nearly every day in his dressage saddle but switch to his hacking one at weekends. A couple of weeks ago I got on and he nearly decked me. Got off checked saddle yeah to tight.

I got his other two saddles checked last month but forgot this one.
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