Update on ideal 'joggy' 1st horse.


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Aug 4, 2009
Long one sorry:eek:

Its taken a bizarre turn!

Had a really rubbish lesson on sat as my lovely little fjord i usually ride was pinched by a new pupil:mad:, so i rode this cob who really is the equine version of Victor Meldrew. I left my lesson thinking I REALLY WANT MY OWN PONY!!!

So i emailed the girl to see how this weekends folk had got on. I couldn't go this weekend but was planning to go this weekend coming if he was still available. Seller knew this as we had emailed back and forth numerous times.

Now to set the scene this pony was bought for her OH as a first pony, from lead rein to now happy out hacking about no bother. He was in a RS prior to this. Things she told me was he'd probably fit right into a RS if i was to do working livery, ideal first pony, very quiet etc etc

I had given up the idea after initial email because knew i wouldn't get down for 3 weeks and also it wasn't when i had planned to buy (2 yr plan!) but she'd emailed me saying just come other folk have found something else and so on.
At that stage i opened my heart and told her all my worries, first horse, would need to be easy to handle on ground, forgiving to ride and so on. I am not a totally awful rider and probably not the MOST nervous but i am terrified of over horsing myself. She said apart from being a bit joggy at beg of hack he'd probably be fine. Said she wouldn't sell to someone not suitable which i obviously respect.

So today i email saying how did it go, is he away and she mails me back saying he is going on a weeks trial to someone who got on fine with him and that the 1st lady to try him was really nervous and it made the pony really tense up so even if he came back he probably wouldnt be any good for me anyway.:confused:

Im just lost! Did i over do the nervous nellie bit? My RI wouldn't describe me as nervous maybe a soft touch at most. Or is he not such an ideal first horse after all? Why would she put me off now after all the chat. He might be on a trial but he isn't technically sold.:confused:. Anyway fate has played its hand. I'm ponyless.

I did however get some great valentines gifts from my hubs including the Kelly Marks perfect confidence book. It cushioned the blow!!:)


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Oct 14, 2008
Sheffield South Yorkshire
Very bizarre.

Sounds to me like she's had someone a bit rubbish come to see him cos she's been marketing him as a novice's dream, and its been a bit of a disaster and she's lost her nerve!

If I were you I'd still go to see him if he comes back. You'll know straight away if its not right.


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Aug 30, 2006
Cleveland, UK
There will be other horses out there.
Dont settle for a joggy one who you arent 100% sold on just for the sake of having your own horse. My friend did that - let her heart rule her head - hoping that everything would work out ok. She thought that as she got to know the horse, she would be able to deal with the jogging, and eventually it might stop.

However, it didnt work out that way. She now has a horse who still jogs, and despite her having him almost a year, she is a nervous wreck and isnt really enjoying the horse owning experience. She is even considering selling him because now she admits that she let her heart rule her head and bought the first horse she saw rather than waiting for the right horse to come along.


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Dec 16, 2004
maybe the owner didn't know how the pony would react to a worried novice? i know you said on your other thread he was bought for sellers OH? my dad is a total novice but you wouldn't think it by how relaxed and confident he's been when he has ridden. i can understand the seller covering her back, no-one can guarentee that a horse will be perfect for a specific job/type of rider. i always believe in fate when buying horses. My first pony i didn't like, i wanted the chestnut arab we'd tried. dad put his foot down and we had our beloved bonnie for 14 years til she died. I didn't particularly like my cob but i had to make a snap decision and never regret taking him. and my youngster was an emotional/impulse buy. Couldn't have asked for a better horse. when the right one comes along, things will work out :) nothing ventured, nothing gained so i'd still try him if he comes back.


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Aug 4, 2009
I got the feeling from what seller said she was putting me off. She said even if he comes back i don't think he'd be the horse for you.

I think TEmily you could be right perhaps someone outwardly nervous tried him and it didn't go well. i don't think i am obviously nervous (just quietly sh**ing myself!!) and i love a good canter out on a hack, love to try little jumps and stuff, i think maybe im more sensible but i am a worrier. My main worry was overhorsing myself.

Ah well i kind of just feel its down to fate. I wouldn't want my first horse to be the kind who'd get tense with a nervous rider. I want a forgiving laid back type (if they exsist outside the RS) who i can feel super confident on and who the kids can sit on without me worrying they'll be tense.

I love the pony i usually ride at the RS, he is cheeky, forward going, but very chilled and loveable. I'll just concentrate on him for the moment. he has been in the RS the vast majority of his life so i love giving him one to one. He is a really special little pony and i feel he knows me now which i love! So sad and easliy pleased!! :D

I think going back to my original plan of waiting for my youngest to go to pre school before i start looking to buy is the best idea. That gives me another 20mnths of preparing myself for horse ownership!:)


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Mar 19, 2007
the right one will come along, you've got plenty of time to find him or her and tis better to wait for "the one" rather than by the one that was "nearly the one"

There will be loads of horses coming up for sale in the next few months - keep looking as you never know what you might see.


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Oct 14, 2008
Sheffield South Yorkshire
They do exist! My first loan horse was this all over. I hope you find the perfect horse, it would be soooo good if all horse seekers put as much thought into it as you are.

I know you have a plan but you should keep an open mind and be ready for your horse to come walking round the corner. I ummed and aahd about Del for 6 months and felt so happy once I'd taken the plunge. I think you're more ready for a horse than you think.

Happy Hacker 01

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Jul 8, 2009
Do not and I repeat DO NOT go for the first horse that comes along, especially if you are not 100% sure about it!! I can tell you this from my own personal experience, as I did exactly this...BIG mistake and it almost put me off riding for life!! :eek:

As others have said, don't worry, there are plenty more horses out there and the perfect one is just waiting for you!

Good luck, I hope it all works out for you :)


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Jul 14, 2007
I agree with everyone else tbh. I too bought an unsuitable first horse really,
TB, Youngster, Windsucker, lol although many years ago now.

TBH I don't regret it, she taught me absolutely loads but as I worked with
her and got her suber FIT, I was totally overhorsed. Had so many near misses with the Traffic etc.

Its a BUYERS MARKET, there are some good Horses out there. Hang on in
there and get the 'right' one for you. Nothing worse than a Horse that
along the line knocks your confidence. First Horse should be as safe as safe can
be and all about enjoyment;)


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Jul 22, 2009
Overtown, Lanarkshire
The perfect horse for you will come along :) Maybe when you least expect it.

I think the thing is sellers sometimes have just as much of a hard time as buyers so maybe something has happned as thge others have suggested.



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Oct 13, 2004
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There will be other horses out there.
Dont settle for a joggy one who you arent 100% sold on just for the sake of having your own horse. My friend did that - let her heart rule her head - hoping that everything would work out ok. She thought that as she got to know the horse, she would be able to deal with the jogging, and eventually it might stop.


I did that :eek: Let heart rule head and its taken 5 years of horse ownership to finally get to a point where I feel reasonably confident again. I realised my Storm wasn't a novice ride more or less right away but was determined to stick at it and give it my best shot. However, I can totally understand people who have to admit defeat and move on - very nearly happened to me.:eek:
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