Update on Bear (Training an abused horse)

Hope Price

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Mar 21, 2016
Hey guys! Omg it has been a while since I've been on here! I kinda forgot about new rider.
So a while back I posted a thread about a horse i'm training about getting started on under saddle work with this horse i'm training, Little backstory he was abused and terrified of humans and had absolutely no training anywhere, He wasn't trained to lead, tie or lunge. We started from ground 0. After he trusted humans he became a huge brat xD young horses. So we built a round pen and worked him there for a couple months and we do lunge before every ride to make sure his respect for humans is good and active so to speak. And the lunging made a HUGE difference, We could push him when he was being a huge brat where when we were working lunge line he would pull away and nearly drag me because he knew he could get out of work that way because no way can my 105 pound self overpower his 850 ish pound self. So after we built the round pen we made good progress in training, and started riding under saddle. He was scared and tense but he never blew up thankfully even though we all expected him to.
So speeding up time
He can trot happily around the outside arena and is very happy and content to be ridden and we are even cantering now! He had his first under saddle canter last week and he was PuurrrFECT! He used to buck like crazy but he takes really good care of his rider, He is the sweetest horse you will ever meet because even when he is being bratty the worst he has done purposely is plant is feet and kick out, He's spooked plenty of times but he is never malicious or mean in any way and i'm so so proud.

If you have ever trained an abused or even just completely green horse before leave me some tips or your story with training, would LOVE to hear it!


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
My little guy, Hank, was a rescue. My friend rescued him about 5 months before I took him, when T went to get him he came out of the stable on two legs biting chunks out of the then owner. He was riddled with parasites, had 2 holes in his cheeks (big enough to put fingers through) from bad teeth, terribly locking stifles and was still entire. T said of the many she has rescued he was the most aggressive to both humans and horses (and any other animal he came across) :( We think he was 4 or 5 when T got him.

I got him after the loss of my arab left my QH alone, when I picked him up he was obviously pretty unhandled although T had got him being haltered and led in a manner and she had dealt with his immediate medical issues and castrated him. I brought him home and stuck him out with my mare, he was a weedy little disheveled pony who clearly had no social skills, he took many a serious beating from Jess because of it :( He was just a companion so I didn't focus too much on 'training', though obviously he had to learn to lead well, tie up and generally be a decent pony :) once he was settled I stuck my friends kid on him to see what he thought and he was a little confused but obliged :) I took him for the occasional walk but didn't do much else until my mare went lame and I had a lot of time on my hands and nothing to do.

So in the winter of 2015 I started messing about long lining him more, I figured maybe I'd drive him for something to do :p Having never trained a pony to drive before (though I had driven quite a bit) I proceeded to get him going, dragging a tyre around and eventually brought him a proper harness and a little 2 wheeled exercise cart, he was put to for the first time in April 2016, drove all summer including by complete newbies and kids and on new years day 2017 he did the London Parade (scariest thing I've ever done), we dressed as Ben Hur and were escorted by 4 fjords dressed as soldiers in the parade of 8500 people, in front of a crowd of half a million.

Hank is a dude, he is fit as a fiddle, feisty and fun and loves getting out and about and meeting people :D and some pics because NR always loves pics :D
Day of rescue
First day in the cart
Driven by my friends 7 year old daughter out for a picnic
I just love this pic of him :p
And one from London new years day parade, at Horse Guards Parade :D
LNYDP 2017.jpg


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Dec 1, 2017
Pretty much a similar story with mine.. Went to buy a horse, owners said it eas already so went to see what else they had and there was my boy tied to a wall mounted manger in a stable, only thing holding him up was his head hanging in his head collar, all bone, knee deep in his own waste. Only 18 months old and he was nearly dead, was so weak struggled to lift his feet to get on the trailer ramp, so the men beat him for it. Never in my life do i want to witness such a thing again! Got him back, thought he would die but he got stronger and got his trust, then he got an attitude! So had to do some intense manners training, luckily he responds very very well to love and praise and wants to please and today hes a little star 95% of the time, likes to push the boundaries still. The sense of achievement is massive though, after going through similar myself i know how much work u will have put in and how happy u must be. So happy for u both. Well done both of u
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