Turning out 24/7 in the "Summer"


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Mar 31, 2003
England, Essex
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Was debating what to do about Ralphs turnout situation so thought Id grab some advice from you guys, he has been going out at night and in during the day when it was hot but occassionally I have been leaving him out.

He seems to prefer being out and the field he is in is about 20 acres with 8 horses on it, there will be another field open in a few weeks which is a further 20acres so plenty of grass, there is lots of trees for shade and shelter.

Im abit too soft and like him in when its raining but I doubt it really bothers him.

So question in the title, what do you lot do with your horsies and hopefully from that I can stop being indecisive about mine.

thanks :D xxx


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Jun 18, 2008
mine are out 24/7 and loving it. there are some on the yard who run to rug up or put in when it rains but to be honest its never been cold enough for me to bother and mine seem to enjoy the rain too. if it was torrential rain for more thn a full day id prob put a lightweight on but thats about it x


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Jan 10, 2008
mine would be out if he wasnt prone to puting on weight / lami

hes out as normal all year round
out in the day *with his muzzle on in summer*
and in at night where he is rode & put to sleep:)


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Aug 15, 2002
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Mine went out mid May 24/7 and probably be coming back in around Septmber/Octover (weather dependant). If it's a bit chilly and/or windy, he'll have a rug on. If it rains, even those downpours last week, he's still out but with a rainsheet on. He's only keen on coming in when there's no grass, dark and all the other horses start to come in. He's kept his weight extremely well.

I am so sure they'd prefer to be out all the time, especially in the summer. They dont feel the rain, wind and cold like we do, they're animals with a different internal heating system than us :D

A muddy horse is a happy horse :D


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
I wish I could persuade our pair to stay out 24/7 but sadly they are completely institutionalised and will not. They demand an audience with me every night at 9pm no matter how nice the weather is and I can't change that. Otherwise we have field walking, fence ripping / barging and general hoolying. (Not good on OH's old gelding as he is meant to be kept quiet cos of risk of re-injury to his suspensory!). Just easier to bring them in...........but I do live in hope.........


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Nov 26, 2004
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If you think he likes being out then leave him out - most horse prefer living out as long as they have enough to eat then that will keep them plenty warm enough - most horses should be able to cope without rugs during the summer at least.


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Jan 6, 2006
I do when the ground isn't too hard. Unfortunately Jim can't cope with long periods of hard ground so they're often in for 7-8 hours a day in the summer to rest his feet. At least by having them in in the day they get more time out & riding time doesn't cut into turnout.


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Aug 30, 2006
Cleveland, UK
Molly is out 24/7.
She is rugless, although we had a torrential downpour last week where I rugged her in a lightweight rain sheet.

I sometimes bring her in on a night, just to give her a break from the grass. She is a good doer and will tend to put weight on easily if not managed properly.


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May 26, 2006
Mine's a TB type and lives out 24/7 year round. He's not usually rugged unless there's a hurricane ;) and never gets additional feed or hay in the field unless the ground is frozen or snow covered (gets a bucket with low cal stuff and supplements once a day).

During the winter he and his 4 mates have the run of over 20 acres, but if I left him on this for the summer he'd be the size of a zeppelin and would probably have laminitis. At the moment he's sharing about 3/4 of an acre with his girlfriend, practically no grass and a good hour of walk/trot hack every day and he's still rather well covered :eek:

I left him this morning enjoying the first rain for about a month - they never shelter during summer rain, only if it's too hot during the day.

20 acres sounds a lot of grass for summer months? :)
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