Travelling to clinic- thunderstorms??


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Jul 6, 2023
Booked onto an all day clinic tomorrow which has the option to be indoors if needed, but I am worried about the weather which is predicted to be rain all day and possible thunderstorms. There are 4 short ridden sessions throughout the day.

Stupid question, but what do I do with my horse in this bad weather?? Leave her on the trailer in between sessions? Or tied up but getting wet? It’s my first time taking her out alone so I am quite nervous about the extra behavioural issues that might come with the bad weather…hopefully she will be fine!!
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I'd start by checking the clinic is going ahead. Where we are very strong winds are forecast and I wouldn't risk trailering in those for less than a medical emergency.
If you decide you want to go there (I wouldn't tow a trailer in high winds either) you could check whether there's some room in the covered area for tying horses up so she can wait with the others in the dry.
I just wouldn't go. I had to take a donkey to vet hospital on a very bad day and even then we waited a few hours till it was safer. I didn't go to a show last year due to 50mph winds - lots of folks did, I chose not to risk my boy. There's always another day.