The return of Ziggy's hacking diary - Roman Temple day!


Jane&Sid these days!
Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Well whatever got into Mum today? She popped up really early to feed us, and I thought something was up 'cos I was sure I saw the saddle when she came over. Sure enough, I'd just finished nomming my bucket when she was after me with the shedding blade and then the tack went on. We've been out a couple of times recently with her lovely RI who makes me feel all safe, but today it was just us and I wondered what was up! I followed her out like a good 'un though because I could smell that she had treats in her pocket :D

We turned up the lane to her house and she left me in the garden while she dashed in for the little clicky ringy thing she carries, then we went on up the hill, which was nice because we've always gone the other way recently and I like going up top. I got out of puff on the first long climb but it was a nice cool morning so I didn't get sweaty.

We stopped at the top and she got out her clicky thing. I know just what to do, I stand still while she faffs about with it pointing it at things, then it goes Click! and I get a treat! I like hacks where she points the click thing.

Then we went on up the Sheepwalk where there used to be lots of horses. There aren't any more but there were some mares and foals so I stood and made sheep's eyes at them for a bit. Then Mum said go on, and she said I was being good so if the footing was good through the woods we could have a canter. She did a clicky in the woods and it looked nice and dry so we trotted a bit and then set off cantering. It's a bit narrow and we came round a corner and there was a lady with a little fat snarly dog on a lead! Mum said WHOA Ziggy and I whoaed right away with all four legs and next thing I knew Mum was hanging from my neck like a Christmas decoration, so I turned my head and gave her a bit of a push and she managed to clamber backwards into the saddle. She was laughing like a drain and I thought it was funny too but the lady with the dog didn't. :oops:

Anyway Mum took another picture to show what that bit of track was like and then we pootled on, little trots and canters and I was cool as a cucumber. All the birdies were singing and it was lovely.

We got to a really muddy section of track. There's always mud there even in the summer and it is really deep. There's a way around it for people which is all up and down banks and under low branches but we went that way. Mum says it's easy if you have an All Terrain Pony. She did a clicky to show you.

We got up to the top and Mum said we had to stop at the grassy bit which she calls the Roman Temple. I never mind stopping there 'cos the grass is great. Anyway, she went point and click again, but she said I had to make do with the grass.

Off we went along the big sandy track at the top. The posh horses who come in their horse boxes all canter along here and I am always on my toes, but mum said the sand is very deep for my little legs so we walk. Anyway she knotted the reins on my neck and went click again so I stopped and whuffed for my treat.

After that I got a bit excited and in a hurry and we had some disagreements about whether we were going to walk or trot, but Mum won and I walked like she wanted. And when we got to our little lane that takes us home it was so quiet and sunny that I tootled along like an old dope on a rope while she took another picture.

And then we got back to the house and I looked over to where my friends were waiting in the field while Mum took my saddle off. And a few quick grabs of cow parsley and it was time to go home.


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Apr 24, 2011
Oh I love it when ZIggy tells us about his outings lol Looks like you have lovely off road hacking, you are so lucky.
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