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Aug 14, 2000
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can anyone advise on the best additive for a stiff horse, he is not old hes only 7 but he does suffer stiffness in his quarters, he pulled a muscle when he was young in the left side. I have exercises as prescribed by the chiropracter but I wondered if adding something to his diet would help. I know a lot of people use codlavine (??) is that really cod liver oil and if so do horses do well on fish oil? what other good additives are there on the market?

Sharon H

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Sep 4, 2000
East Sussex
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I think you really need to determine the exact cause of the stiffness first. Cod liver oil and such will help if the stiffness is bone related ie. athritis or similar but if it's muscular maybe massage or linament treatments may work better. Can your chiropractor not recommend anything?


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Dec 30, 2000

I firmly believe in the power of magnetism. Magnetic boots are most generally used for horses and relieve joint stiffness. When you go to ride your horse, lead him round a bit to warm him up before you get on. Once on board, walk and trot gently on a long rein to allow him to stretch out.
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