So excited!


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Mar 23, 2012
Gateway to europe
Yes I missed mine to, she stopped to have baby. We have kept in touch but I was unsure whether she would be able to return with baby and work commitments. We are both now totally overexcited. She is starting again nxt Saturday so I am going to get evie 'de fizzed' this week as I haven't had much chance to ride her and don't want sharer getting on and very swiftly,...getting off again:giggle:

Cherie, little black cob, will also have to be lunged and ridden to 'defizz' before the big day so we can all go out together:smile:

Be interesting to see how Blk un wht 'summer' copes with being left in field on her own:unsure: shes a bit clingy but has gelding nxt door for company I will chuck her in with him if she gets stressed.
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