Shire Foal Update With Pictures!!!!

Bangers & Mash

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Oct 15, 2007
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Well I thought I would give you all a quick update on our shire horses and there foals! We have only had two foals this year and have had no problems so far.

I have already introduced you to Liz and she has grown alot over the past few months. So here are some more recent pictures.








We also had another foal which is a colt and still unnamed (so if anyone can think of any). He is around about a month old now.




Bangers & Mash

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Oct 15, 2007
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Not forgeting Rita (black) and Marigold (bay) whom are mother and daughter. Rita had Marigold two years ago now and Mariglod has already out grown her mom and is standing a 17.3hh.







Puzzle and Milly
Apr 21, 2007
Aww they're all beautiful!!! I used to help out with shires but they are so placid and behaved, and dont throw their weight around, id take a huage shire over a lil nawty pony anyday! I think the grey shires are stunning! Everyone (out of the know) thinks puzzles a shire, "oh hes a shire isnt he, he has them big feet feathery things and the long mane and tail," ""no dear! hes a Traditional Cob nothing like a shire lol!"

loving that pip shes always gets a mention! I'm getting my own pip when i move to brum!!
I'm also loving that 3rd to last pic of the black shires look on his face, imagine a "yeaeeeeeeeees?!?" (can i help you?)
or, or
"my food, step off bi**h!" bless him!
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I love your new colt, hes gorgeous!!

How about Edward or Eddie? Or Charlie? I love 'proper' names for horses, especially the heavies haha

Our 3 newbies are called Jessica, Jacob and Joshua (Joshua would have been June if he was a filly, as we had 2 other 'J's and he was born June 10th!) :D

julia gulia

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Dec 5, 2005
What a beauty :D
I'm impressed that mummy let's him eat from the same bowl. Our Dixie won't share with her baby :p


Wow, they're lovely! So your 2 year old is 17.3hh? :eek: She's going to be enormous!!
I think the colt looks like a Louis, I don't know why because usually I'm not keen on normal names for horses! :p


Back in the saddle yeehaa
Feb 16, 2006
Aw they are cute babies.

Can I ask why Shires have their tails cut short?

Bangers & Mash

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Oct 15, 2007
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awgh how cute!!!! i work on a TB stud and wow how different are they ??

my vet breeds and shows shires. do you know her?? Jenny East?

Yes we know of Jenny. She is a partener at Newcome and East!

Yes they are completely diffrent, I have a TB X HAN so when I compaire they are totally diffrent. I have noticed that shires are actually easier to handle and work with because they don't chuck there weight about like other horses.

Bangers & Mash

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Oct 15, 2007
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Aw they are cute babies.

Can I ask why Shires have their tails cut short?

Basically in the olden days when there were no tractors and horses were used to pull things on the land they would have their tails cut to the length of their dock so that it wouldn't get caught in the macinery, and it has now become a tradition even tho they arnt used in that way anymore.
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