Roughly how much for trailer towing lessons and test?


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Mar 1, 2005

Just working out whether I can do this. I have a diahatsu fourtrak and want to buy an ifor williams 505. I passed my driving test after 1997 so need to do the test.

My car weighs a lot so combined it would be over 3.5 tonne I think. Can't find the weight of my blemin car anywhere! :unsure:

Anyway, how much roughly is it for training and the test?

Thanks! :biggrin:


Jul 14, 2010
Shockingly expensive - courses around my way are circa the £600 mark for the training and test. The test itself is £115!

I took my test and passed about 2 months ago but instead of doing a course, I'd printed all the information off the internet, practiced religiously with my mum's OH and rocked up hoping for the best. It worked really well and was obviously considerably cheaper.


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Oct 21, 2002
i did mine a few years ago now and it was around £350 including 3 days training. I know the prices have gone up a lot now training and test wise.

I personally felt the training was most valuable and wouldn't have known all the ins and outs going it alone.

Kc Mac

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Aug 22, 2008
I will add the link to when I passed my test a year ago as it says what was covered, the price and a link to the trainers I used in Milton Keynes. I did a lot of practice at home but the professional training gave me the knowledge and confidence for towing :wink:

I too have a diahatsu and tow a 505 :dance: Its a fantastic combination - the diahatsu has no problems pulling it with these on board......

Safedrive Steev

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Nov 23, 2009
Just outside Derby, UK
How much for a trailer course

£600 + test ! Good grief.

We charge £450 for a 2 day course that includes use of our vehicle and trailer AND the test.

Yes, if you read up on it the test is pretty straight forward. Most people fail for the drive, not the manoeuvre. Most of those fail simply for not carrying out sufficient observations.

Needless to say though - I would suggest that a course is a good idea because a good trainer should be able to remove all the 'rumours' from the subject as well as prventing you making daft mistakes on the day. I've seen people turn up with the wrong combination of vehicle, no licence . . . and bang goes the test before theyh start (and loss of test fee).
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