Pros & Cons of DIY livery??


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Apr 18, 2008
Nr Chelmsford, Essex
Well the question is in the title really? Is it good experience for a first time owner, does it help the learning curve/bond with the horse? Or is it better to have the support of a yard? Just asking as I have looked at a really lovely place, which is very quiet (only 6 horses, with an all weather menage) which could be a consideration in future. Views appreciated.



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Apr 27, 2008
I have my horse on DIY and the others there are really nice and help you out when needed. If u know what your doing DIY can be great and not having someone else handling your horse. So the totally bond with you. I hate the thought of someone elsedoing things with mines.


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May 21, 2006
Depends on how confident you are really?

I'm doing DIY with my first (got her in June) and it is going great :D but I had shared on DIY for 2 years so wasn't totally clueless and knew what to expect as far as time committment is concerned.

I thought I wanted assisted DIY/5 day part - but actually it's fine doing it all. My yard does assisted though if I change my mind and everyone on the yard is very helpful (especially flony_pony :D) so there are plenty of people to ask :)

I've really bonded with Molly - but can't say if I'd have bonded less on part livery as nothing to compare it to!


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Feb 23, 2006
My horse/share horses have always been on DIY and i love it. I like knowing everything is done the way that i want it to be etc.

I've just moved yards and my horse is now on part livery, he will be turned out/rug changed/fed in the morning as i'm not going to have time in the mornings this winter.

DIY should be fine if you're a first time owner, as long as you have people around you that can help you if you need it.


LY Jenny
Aug 12, 2008
Jenny's Saddle
i love diy
i dont see the point being of full livery because everything is done for you grooming, mucking out, turned out ete so you just ride your horse tbh theres no point in having a horse you might aswell have riding lessons

at my yard everyone is really friendly (you can get the bitchyness on our yard but that is only out of jealously because your horse is better than theirs (i know because i have gone though it all))

in winter there is people willing to do your horse on a morning if you cant do it yourself



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Jan 30, 2008
I'm a 'new' owner and I'm on DIY - I think as long as you know what's involved and you are lucky enough to share the field/yard/facilities with like minded helpful people then it can work out really well. Good luck & enjoy!:) All weather menage really useful too.


I would like to try DIY, but Tyler is on Full Livery and as I first time horse owner it has been a life saviour. Tyler has an excellent routine and I still get to ride and groom.

If you can do the early mornings and winter mornings then I say go for it.

I still occasioanlly if I am off go up and muck out Tyler. Don't feel any loss of bond. I still get him trotting over and giving the odd wee niegh when he sees' me.

Would say DIY requires dedication, but the rewards are probably alot more satisfying

(Still love my full livery though lol)


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Dec 16, 2004
DIY is perfectly doable for the first time owner, provided you've got a knowledgeable, helpful and approachable YO! we've never been on anything else. Our first YO actually found us our pony and was a great source of support, stretching to free lessons and transport to shows in her oakly box. I think where DIY can fall down is if the yard gets bitchy and the YO is less than helpful, so the right yard is key. Being bombarded by 10 different opinions can be bamboozling for a new owner. Some days i'd love mine on full livery but we took the step (4 years ago) of moving to our very own yard so no chance of that now :p


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May 8, 2002
I am on full livery (turnout, mucking out, but not grooming or exercise), and have been since I bought my first horse 5 years ago. It suits me down to the ground as I have a busy job which means I can't always get to the stables in the evening, so at least I know my horse is ok. I personally don't think it affects the bond you have with your horse, I know mine inside out, and she knows me too. I don't see how mucking your horse out can change anything with your relationship. I'd have struggled on DIY and ended up spending less time with the horse in the winter especially.

I think the key is to realistically assess your time commitments, your travel arrangements and the individual yard in question. DIY I'm sure can be great if you have a strong support network, and full only works well if you completely trust the owners/managers of the yard.


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Jan 21, 2005
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DIY is brilliant IF its a friendly, supportive yard peopled by positive, open-minded 'grown-up' folks (I don't mean age here, I mean characterwise). You can learn so much better by doing things yourself and can have the peace of mind to know your horse is being cared for how you want.

It can be a nightmare if there's a lot of bitching and gratuitous advice giving by people who then take offense if you don't do what they say :rolleyes:

Mine have been on full grass livery with our trainer for the summer and I can't wait to get them back home where I can be responsible for their care. Not that they haven't been well looked after because they have - it's just that I miss that daily contact which allows you to really build up a consistent relationship. We're going to a DIY yard where I can pay for extra services, such as morning feed/turnout if I need to - ideal :D


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Jul 23, 2006
West Midlands
It comes down to time, confidence and how much support you have for me really. I had loans and shares on various part and grass livery arrangements, but then took on JR who was on DIY. I had support from a few friends on the yard, plus his owner.

I personally like DIY, although there are many times when I'd love someone to do the mucking out! Like Bexj said, it sometimes means you end up spending less time with your horse than you'd like - hours spent at yard dont always = hours spent with horse, unfortunately. Early last winter, I had 2 on straw and was spending so long mucking out and setting stables up, all the horses got was a quick once over and to bed - they were both out of work at the time, i don't know how i'd have managed if i'd had to ride them too!

Having said that, if you are committed enough I think can work really well - i like feeling like i'm the one caring for my horses every need, but a helpful YO or yard buddy who can turn out or fetch in occasionally is worth their weight in gold.


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you often get a good mix of experienced people who you can ask questions

you can spend as much time as you like with your horse

your horse is all your responsibility which helps to build a bond

people to hack out with

i feel you learn more about horses on DIY because you do everything yourself

some yards have a shift system - which can be advantageous and make things easier if you dont have a straight 9 to 5


can be hard work

you have a permanent obligation to sort your horse out

you have to excercise your own horse

if you are ill you have still got to sort horse out

some of it is trial and error

bitching and busy bodies - un-wanted advice

personally i love DIY , i think if i could afford it i would deffo have full though, another good friend of mine on NR has Full livery and her yard is wicked !


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Apr 18, 2008
Nr Chelmsford, Essex
Well thanks for the replies. really helpful. I am very encouraged that people like DIY and feel it is do-able for a first time owner. It will certainly be a consideration as this particular place was very clean, quiet and peaceful. I like the idea of being very hands on with the care, although I know time pressures are important especially working fulltime and in winter etc.

Thanks again.


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Mar 2, 2008
I am on DIY.
Our yo is really good but we try and work together where we can. I bring some ones pony in in the afternoon and feed her and they turn mine out in the morning. It works well generally but only if you can trust the other peoples horses and other people.If we really get stuck though we know the YO will help out.
I think it is wiser for some people to be on assisted diy or other types of livery though as I have seen quite a few horses come on to the yard only to be sold on again because the new owners couldnt cope or couldnt be bothered to see to them and with all the best will in the world there is a limit to how much help YO and other boarders can offer so in the end you have to consider if you really want or have time for the work DIY involves.
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