Playing Ponies....My journey

Been here less than three weeks a there so chilled and settled it unreal the othe people with horses on the farm are lovely. They been hacking with my sharers ... taking my jumps up this week for the school. I am planning working mel 5 days a week to get us both fitter both on the ground doing pole work and ridden.... want to go to some shows this summer
Things change so fast don’t they I was looking forward to summer of hacking and competing......
The Coronavirus pandemic strikes we on lock down with one daily form of excercise..... I am now solo hacking as I am social distancing to protect my partner from this virus.... yet another year my plans have go south..... hey ho at least I can still hack. I had to put off riding and schooling summer storm too risky for me to ride a green horse during the virus :(
eva and Lunan are coming along fabulous with S. and Kira and Summer Storm are just hacking out to keep them fitter with ST.

hopefully things will improve by Autumn. keep well and most importantly keep yourselves Safe.

Summer is over in a blur of depression and med changes and here we are at the end of August still in the Pandemic.

We are still at the farm.... we have touch wood been safe from the virus. Now looking forward to an Autumn of riding ahead.

I don’t have any plans re shows or events just to get on with my riding/fitness and Melody. The herd are still a fairly happy bunch so chilled at the farm been there 8 months now. I love it.
Here’s piccies from last few months :) enjoy.

March 2021, two of our riders got there own horses.... it’s just me, Mr G and K left up there. Still love this farm it is a beautiful part of Lincoln. I will not be moving the hacking is great. We got a stable & tack room just before Christmas. So we can make a cuppa and get out of the weather. we have 25 acres of field 6 acres spring through autumn..... in winter the get the winter paddock.

I would love a summer of gently hacking Melody now 14 years old and veteran showing Eva now 22 years..... my perfect life. Lunan is 15 years and shakira and summer storm are now 12 years old ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Well life’s pretty good. Spring is here even though it’s cold. We did a show this weekend and got 3 rd place with Eva.

This next week is to get Melody going in her new bitless bridle ridden.

Finish fencing a schooling paddock and to put up our 2nd stable for Melody and Stormy ...I just bought a 12 by 12 single stable bigger and taller than our 10 by 10 who’s is for the smaller ponies.

Mr G is well for the first time in a long time we can make plans again :)❤️
I am sat here at 6.30 am..... I am wanting to do more with the ponies.....I am planing some walk/ lead pony hacking this spring going to practise on the farm where it’s safe then go out into the big bad world exploring and camping with my ponies my OH Mr G can drop me off in the box and pick me up starting at a couple of hours with picnic working up to full days and eventually overnights camping 😁

I hope this can help with my weight loss, fitness, depression and diabetes !!!

So looking forward to new adventures. One day hoping to do ride and lead Longer Distance Riding. ❤️❤️ We have the stunning wolds on our door step. And a hour or so we have the Peak District and Sherwood Forest and Clumber Park too.