Piccolo update - vid


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May 27, 2007
Just because i haven't said much about piccolo recently. This is a vid from today just some lunging and my littlest son having a ride.

It's not on the vid but she was bit/attacked by a horse fly while my son was riding so got quite agity/went to buck but did calm down again. That's why i'm holding his leg towards the end but pleased she re-settled with son still on board so we could finish nicely :smile:

Anyway not very interesting but thought it might show how she's grown a bit. She's 4 towards the end of summer/beginning of autumn. Doesn't seem that long ago she was still a tiny foal! She's 11.2hh maybe 11.3hh at the wither and 12hh at the bum at the moment so hoping she is going to level up!



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May 27, 2007
and a few pic's -

disclaimer - She isn't *that* fat, nor having a foal she just has a big grass belly from being out 24/7. oh and she's standing on a slope so she isn't sway backed/that bum high either!




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May 27, 2007
Looking good, what a gem of a pony :) Love the mouthful of grass in the last pic :giggle:

yep, nothing is ever done in a hurry in Piccolo's world.

She is very very good with little 'uns but tends to lose her shine to them once they get to about 10. She isn't a real big fan of being told what to do or hard work but loves her job on the lead rein as I'm sure she thinks she's looking after them rather then them riding her.

The lunging took a bit of practise lol and we don't lunge for long as boredom sets in along with mischief.


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Nov 14, 2009
Lovely video, what a sweet pony she is, and it's lovely at the end with her little rider. She's coming along nicely, and looks as if she will be a great childrens pony - what a shame she's just not a bit bigger. You can see that you've lost weight; well done, it has really made a difference. How much have you lost, and how much more do you want to lose? Hopefully it wont be long till you will be light enough to ride Picolo.

Did you get my PM? I'm visiting my Dad in Suffolk from Sun 19th to Tue 21st, and it would be great to see you and the ponies if you're around on Tuesday when I'm on my way home.


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May 27, 2007
Hi Russet,

yep will try and work something out for that tuesday, not sure what is happening yet as have a feeling i'm meant to be doing something but will see what i can work out.

Then you'll be able to come and meet her!

I've only lost about 7lb in weight BUT i have taken up running so although i haven't lost a lot of weight i have gone now from a size 14-16 to a size 12. Glad you think it shows :)

I'd like to get back down to 9st, but that means just over another stone to lose yet. I'll have a sit on piccolo when i get down to my goal weight :) If not then i'm quite happy long reining her etc anyway.

I'll give you another pm a bit later today (meant to be working atm but procrastinating lol)
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