Pet names

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chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
113 la land
I dont with the horses.

All our cows are a pedigree herd. So we register all the females that are born with the society. We do use there offial names. Occasionally one or two get extensions to there names for having a reputation, usually for something bad. Although we havent official registered the boys with the society we use to name all the boys that were born each year. Usaully they got there name from something that happened to them, there actions or a derivative of there mums name or initial.
You know youve got to many when you stop naming them. The last couple of years ive stopped naming the boys. They are now referred to by there ear tag number only.

Although the sheep are all pedigree its only the rams that get registered with a name on the society records in the sheep world. Females dont get a pedigree name at all. But when we first had the sheep i used to name all the females in the flock too for my own reference. Again you know you have too many when you stop naming them. Most are just referred to by there eartag numbers now. We do have a pet name for the last pedigree ram we brought last year, purely because his pedigree name was in welsh so not pronouncable. It will prove interesting when i come to fill out the lambs registration forms in a few weeks. The temptation will be to put his pet name not his pedigree name. Infact i will have to look up the official welsh name to spell it right.


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
Yup. Storm is Golly or madam.
Chloe is The Old Bird.
Zi is either Red McGregor or Gingerbread man. (But he does get called other things lol )
But I do call them all beautiful most days as a greeting.😍
Ours have names for each other too hahahahaa. Zi is known as the eye candy!


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Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Mattie's French passport name is Amat, so Mattie is already a pet name, but he also gets called Mat-Mats, Matster and Matista.

Charlie's stable name is Bughill Chocolate Chip, and his owner called him Charlie after Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I mostly call him Charlie, but sometimes Ponio (which I called Ziggy too) and Charlie Charles. My friend Carol calls him Monster and Trouble!


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
Bo was registered Muscat Mountain Prince, his stable name was Qaboos which obviously got shortened, or fat boy.
Jess is reg Dazzling Duchess, often called baby girl or witch.
Hank is just registered as that (I wasn’t feeling very inventive), but he’s Hanky Tank or Hankel (he thinks he’s as fast as Frankel 🤣)
Dan is reg Fairytail Dapper Dan, sometimes called Eeyor because he often looks sad.
Niko (Nicklaus) is reg Baronsdown Dun Deal, currently often called monkey or fidget.

chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
113 la land
Billy in his early days was called Billy the Git. But ive tried to drop the git bit as he has some what improved. Also if i want to be more positive and have a better experience i should call him by his proper name. I saw that on one of these dog behaviour programs, where they were calling there dog with a negative name because of the bad behaviour hed exihibited. They told the owner to stop using it and use his proper name. So now i just tend to say billys having a git day if im talking to someone.

Margie and Magic

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Jan 14, 2020
If my horses have any registered names than they have been lost by previous owners. However I have renamed 2 of my 3 mares. Poor Magic, her name was just Pony. Pony the pony. I had to change that as it did NOT suit her. Hulaberry was named Sparkles. Did not fit her in the slightest so my husband named her Hulaberry as I couldn't come up with anything. Its a type of white strawberry with red spots (tastes like pineapple), like the flea bitten rose gray mare she is.

Each of my pets and livestock always gets a name and then eventually gets a nickname if they have additional personality. I have some hens that have NO personality or else their original name suits them so well they never earn a nickname. Like a few members have said so far sometime the nickname is for good traits and sometimes it is for bad. Lol!

Hulaberry~ Freight train or M'lady Freight train

Stellaluna (mini pig)~ Squish pig, Smoosh face, Stella, Sweet Honey Ham, Pork Dumpling, (side note: I do NOT eat pork)

Big Red (Ameracuana Rooster)~ Cowboy. He earned this nickname because he jumps on Hulaberry's back and goes for a ride everyday! This makes me incredibly jealous bc I don't get to ride as much as he does. 🤣🤣🤣

The only livestock I never name is the meat chickens, game fowl, and waterfowl. They are raised to be eaten.