Our hack from the old yard to the new one (Long!)


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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
I never told you lovely lot about my amazing hack from my old yard to our new yard a few days ago!
I will add I did try to book transport however they were very busy and couldn't do it to the week after :(
Given the time of year I knew I would have to set off early... This is me.. It didn't happen!!:oops:
We set off at 14:15 lit up like a Christmas tree! Sox with his hi viz sheet on and reflecting police style breast plate. Me with my ex police jacket and reflective hat band :D
I was a little unsure of how sox would be, knowing that busy roads can upset him a little. But we had done 1/3 of the hack before and the end 1/3 at other yards, though not the bit in the middle!
Down the quiet roads he was ok, just a little unsure and anxious , kept looking around and some shouting, but we plodded on. Got to a side street that brings you next to a hill we call ' Big hill' and football fields. Sox was unsure about the speed bumps and it took a lot of encouragement from me ( though not in a negative way!) , voice and seat to go forward. Though he was nervous of the huge bollards there to stop mopeds, but he did it and I praise him a lot. We carried on and he got a bit of a march on. Heading onto the dual carriageway. I thought I would be asking for trouble if I tried to make him wait at the intersection. So we carried on until there was a gap and we could pop on the grass. He took it all in his stride :D.

Heading down one of the quieter streets I didn't think he would pay much attention to the kids parks on the left. I was wrong and he couldn't take his eyes off it. So I let him have a look when he wanted. A car came passed a little close and upset him a little, he didn't do anything but I felt he was quite unsure. I re-assured him and we carried on plodding.. Less then 10 seconds later we hear this puffin, almost. A staffie on the other side of the road was muzzled walking along, and finding it hard to breath or was pulling a lot! That was a bit too much for sox and he completely stopped. Neck shooting up in the air, ears pricked and he was staring. I knew all I could do was sit there, or it would be too much if I put pressure on. So I sat there. Waiting. Luckily no cars where coming. Thinking he would spin, but hoping he wouldn't. I waited some more. I asked him to walk on with my voice but he was too focused:eek:. So I waited a little more and asked him again with my voice and seat, slowly he walked and I praised him a lot! :)We headed up to a yard on the right and there was again some more stopping, shouting and looking around. Including seeing a horse he knew at the first yard, which lead to more shouting. We hit the grass. Given it was now 15:00 we still had a fair way to travel and only had 1 hour and 15 minutes to get there. I asked him to walk faster. Sox then decided to have a good old trot. Which we did, then staying in a steady trot. Popped himself into a very steady canter. I started off with ' Ok, that's fine' to ' Ok sox you need to trot' to ' Sox your going to end up injuring yourself and it will be my fault and your not fit enough to canter yet!':eek: It was.. 20 strides.

We got onto the single carriageway, only to see another yard on the left. I say ' Yard' I mean fields. there was a cob in it. I was thinking 'Please dont see hello we dont have time! Thank god! He didn't. Plodded along minding our own business. Traffic coming. We had ALOT; army vehicles, learners driving with two trailers, cars, lorries, buses, bikes, people.. Everything! He didn't bat a eye lid.:D:D We carry on, car was staying back but waiting for a space to overtake. Then Sox sharply turned to the right, into the middle of the road. Traffic stopped! :eek: I was like 'Woah! Youre alright!!' I turned Sox around to the left. To see him eyeing up a large rock outside a gate on the pavement, giving it a wide bert:rolleyes:h. We carried on. It was now around 15:30. Completely forgot the school kids!! About 300 of them in groups between 2 and 12 walking down either side of the road.

We stopped off at the pub so I could readjust his saddle. ( Found a lovely stranger happy to help:D, however sox wanted to be off!!o_O) Hopped back on and off we went. Through the small village. Thank god we made it through the traffic lights. Again more kids, some shouting ' Horse!!!' Other laughing loudly. Sox just plodded bless him! Went onto the last long road, passed the school as the buses left the school. My heart sank when I saw for the next... half a mile there was road works and temp traffic lights. ( It was now 15:50 we were still 20 mins away and the last thing I wanted was to cross a bypass roundabout in the dark!!! :eek:Sox didn't appear to notice the road works, or the tractor parked in the middle of the road. Again we made the traffic lights again and he seemed fine with the temp lights:D:D. When I knew we would make it to our new yard before dark. We stopped on the grass verge so he could have a bite to eat. Made it across the large roundabout and I got off on the slope down to the yard. Sox shouted. The stallions shouted back. We made it to our new yard just before dark at 16:15.

First ad second photos . Is where the scary park on the right hand side and further down on the left hand side near the cars was the scary staffie
46501454_10160935572555167_2726251502116012032_n[1].jpg 46501454_10160935572555167_2726251502116012032_n[1].jpg 46703914_10160935571090167_783429561235800064_n[1].jpg
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Oct 13, 2004
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God lauren I was sat here perched on the edge of the settee and nearly stopping breathing until I got to the end! Well bloody done missus and give that gorgeous ginger one a pat from his aunty Trews for being so good (we will forget the stopping in the middle bit;))
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