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May 22, 2008
East Yorkshire
Fe;bruary and I have only just got round to creating this diary and catching up on whats been happening with you all.

Our gang is down to 4 following the Loss of Tess last year, I am not sure she would be doing well with the winter we have been having, the younger ones are sailing through it as always.

Acorn and Charlie are at the yard, so far so good and they are both moulting.

Gem and Myst are on the winter hill field, very wet up there but they are doing really well, no moult in site for them yet, only Charlie has seen a rug this winter a wus for a Welsh A , so they are keeping it for now, if these temperatures keep up then it won't be long, 11 degrees most days this week, so grass is growing, the boys must be getting some not sure where from but both are springy! or so daughter tells me when she brings them in on a night, little angels when they go out. we had a good lump of snow for a week but soon went ,now muddy and wet.

all due farrier just waiting for him to confirm time, all had their injections and passed their health checks fine.

We had a scare with Acorn a few weeks back, sunday vet call out, suspected he has eaten something he shouldn't , vet gave him pain killer and muscle relaxent, poor lamb was shaking like a leaf and very sorry for himself, bad case of sloppy poos, fortunately we got to him quickly and treated within an hour of finding him, he was back to his old self within 48 hours, there was some activity at the yard that day so stress may not have helped, although hes so laid back suprised if that had caused it and vet was more convinced he has eaten something, its off the road so hopefully not someone giving them treats;, we have a sign up there not to feed , have done for years with them being laminetic but you just don't know.
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