Need some shopping help - Throat lash


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Nov 6, 2008
E Sussex
I recently bought a Barefoot bridle off ebay but sadly the throat lash is too small for Fattys head.

Not such a massive problem, as its a separate strap of leather to the rest of the head piece... or so I thought - really can't find one in brown - am I searching on ebay for the wrong thing?

Anyone got any suggestions of where I might get one or something I can convert into one? ..before I sell the bridle or buy a horse with a smaller head?:giggle:


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Mar 15, 2008
Have you a photo of how it all fits together?

Does the throat part totally come off, if so you maybe able to
1. Use it without
2. Buy a Zilco throat piece, or cheap sort of endurance bridle and just keep the bit you want. My Zilco bridle had a remove able throat.


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Sep 14, 2009
Do you want me to make you one?

What a lovely offer.

What I would like Wally is one of those browbands with the long leather tassles for fly control - like the spanish ones? Or just the long leather tassles that I could attach to my own browband?

I have got a Cashel Crusader Quiet Ride fly mask for Tobes, but actually I rode along with it over my own face one day and it made me feel a bit dizzy!!!!!!!!
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