Miles for Smiles league table 16th June 2015


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
OK folks here it is;

Miles under saddle
@Jessey 318.85
@Bodshi 315 (Raf)
@Native Lover 168.25
@Cremola Foam 78.00 (Pedro)
@Jane&Ziggy 56.50
@Bodshi 11.50 (jack) **
@Cinnabar 10.37 **
@Kite_Rider 08.00 **
@Aimeelou 07.00**
@No_Angel 05.60**
@jodiana 01.14**

Hours under saddle
@horseandgoatmom 82.00
@joellie 65.00
@Ale 33.00
@newforest 31.00
@em_123 16.15**
@pony lover 500 13.30**
@mystiquemalaika 06.00 **
@KP nut 5.15 (Zak)
@Tiff45 5.00
@Dannii5691 03.50**
@HorseHelen 02.00**
@KP nut .45 (cally)

Hours in hand
@horseandgoatmom 54.00
@newforest 26.30
@Native Lover 12.00
@mystiquemalaika 03.00**
@Cremola Foam 01.15 (B)**
@em_123 00.55**

Miles In Hand
@Jane&Ziggy 8.10

** no update since last time, please add any miles/hours you haven't logged to the thread and I'll pick them up next time :D

Please all remember to keep a running total of your miles/hours on each post, that way I can just go to your most recent post, otherwise I have to go back through every post and add your miles up for you.

KP nut

I'd rather be riding.
Dec 22, 2008
Oh dear I've been hopeless at adding my miles up.....

Never mind. I'll try to do better this month!
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KP nut

I'd rather be riding.
Dec 22, 2008
In hand with Cally 40 minutes yesterday,

And my running hacking total is:

Cally inhand: 1.5 hr
Cally Under saddle 1.5 hr

Zak under saddle: 6 hrs
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