Magnesium for nervouse/anxious horse


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Feb 1, 2009
egham surrey

i have recently started my horse on naf magic, it is working a treat fro his anxiety and nervousness.
but credit crunch is taking it toll and £30 for 1kg or £50 for 3kg is getting expensive....
does anyone know of a cheaper alternative??? as this naf magic is just magnesium



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Sep 16, 2007
Second vote here for plain old agriculatural magnesium. about a tenner for a huge sack and does exactly the same thing as all the expensive supplements!

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Jun 21, 2004
In my jods!
Another vote for MagOx. If you have a barefoot trimmer it might be worth asking them or I also use Barefoot Basics on ebay who are brilliant. If you want to buy in bulk then you can get a sack from Taycrest.
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