Little update

Nov 10, 2014
Faran is growing well and settling into his new yard great. It’s nice to have my friends around me and not feel watched on the yard anymore.

I’ve got two lovely horses to ride, Khaos a lovely piebald who is a lot like Logan and Zurich another piebald but a nice heavy cob type.

So alls good horsey wise in our little bubble.

Farans been going to shows and getting out and about for some education :) feel free to look at our blog for our adventures :D

DE7A4603-43EB-4E65-B24A-31F346BBA3F5.jpeg 19E64C67-C54C-4EE7-9336-F9E122E20A04.jpeg
CAF5FFF2-6ABF-4733-AECC-C94E67EAF4EF.jpeg C54D17A3-2D84-45F2-B8F9-9AA6383F1FBA.jpeg 5ED4324E-9A40-46F4-B9AC-4EE8137181AF.jpeg ED15BD7D-5A9F-4E64-86A6-C781FFDCAA75.jpeg F5FBB92A-2309-4BB3-AFA2-FD20B10201D8.jpeg

The wee guy is growing like a weed!! Pics of his first show and pics from the SWCPS Bronze Medal show a few weekends ago :)


Nov 10, 2014
He is such a little show off! Very flashy too with his stockings and blaze, and that beautiful mane and tail. How tall is he now?

He’s 14.1hh at the moment I think :)

He does like to show off, his attitudes making itself known at the moment so he’s being reminded of manners at present ;)
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