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Nov 16, 2016
I have been looking for a loan horse for around a year now but haven't found anything that is compatible until now the only problem is that the horse is around a 40 minute drive away (with no traffic).
I currently ride at a yard which is also 40 minutes away but in the other direction so I would also have to find a new trainer.

Need opinions on wether I stay at my currenly riding school and wait for something else to come up or do I take the loan and find a completely new trainer?



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Mar 23, 2015
There are obvioulsy lots of factors to consider, but definitely check what your obligations are. If you are for instance turning out and bringing in you are potentially looking at 160 minutes of driving a day if you go twice. From personal experience (with a 30 minute drive each way) its gets to be a real pain (and expense) in Winter when you either have to sit around in the cold for ages or go home and only spend an hour there bfore leaving again

There may be a trainer on site you can use, but if not check what the rules are - some yards don't allow external trainers. On my yard we are allowed to use external trainers except for SJ training
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Dec 20, 2004
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It might be worth asking if your current trainer travels that far.

I'd echo @GaryB though, check what your responsibilities would be and factor in 45/50 minutes travel each way plus doing chores plus riding time and consider if travelling that far is really feasible. I had a share a couple of years ago when my girl was lame, 10 minutes away but going to do him and ride (1hr) took a minimum of 3 hours because his field was a heck of a trek from his yard, then feeding, sweet itch lotions, rugging and turning back out... Didn't seem much to do and in my set up isn't but it took longer at theirs.
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Oct 10, 2004
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Take the loan and find a new trainer. There are lots of instructors out there, all of whom teach you something new. If you like the horse, go for it and if it doesn’t work out you can always go back to the riding school.


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May 18, 2009
As others have said, find out what’s expected of you first. 40 mins each way is a long way, especially if you would be expected twice a day. But if it’s what you want and you like the horse (and owner) give it a try, nothing ventured nothing gained.


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Jan 12, 2012
The circumstances of the loan will determine whether this is manageable or not. If it’s a part loan where you ride a few days a week and the horse is on livery then a 40 minute journey is manageable. If it’s a DIY situation and you have to do the horse every day then personally I’d find that way too much.

To give an example, I once had a share horse 3 days a week on a DIY basis with a similar length journey (but on public transport with some walking) and I found it gruelling but just about doable. However, I was determined to ride and this was my best option so I got on with it. After a year the share ended when the pony retired – and although I missed him, I was relieved too.

I wouldn’t worry too much about finding a new trainer. The owner of your loan horse may already have someone they want you to use, there might be a resident trainer at the yard, or at the very least you will probably find that other liveries have a freelancer they can recommend.

Finally – are you flexible when you’re looking for a share? Have you tried a wanted ad? Made sure you’ve joined local horsey Facebook groups? For a share (as opposed to buying) a good approach is to ask yourself if this is a horse you are happy to ride and feel you can work with, rather than looking for your dream horse, if that make sense. It’s worth looking outside your preferred type, age and height bracket within reason. I’ve had a great time sharing lots of different horses and ponies (I've been a sharer for 10+ years) – even though none has been my perfect horse on the surface, I’ve learned lots from them all.
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