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Jan 14, 2002
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Bad news - Peri went acutely lame on her good foreleg last Thursday evening after a bronc fit, bad swelling in tendon and very lame. Spoke to Phil on Friday morning and had to bute her up and take her down today. Still lame but moving quite a bit better. Devastating news on scan though. Severe damage to flexor tendon, not completely ruptured but a good 50% plus. DDFT and suspensory still intact, so now in Robert Jones bandage for support, complete box rest and rescan in a month to see if scar tissue is forming. In between I have to change the bandage every 5 - 7 days, vet has shown me what to do, could have got my vet out to do it but would rather do it myself. If scar tissue does form she is still looking at 6 - 12 months on box rest with ridden walking for the second 6 months. Should be at least paddock sound if scar tissue forms. If it does not there is the option of an operation to graft onto the tendon - huge decision to do that at her age but she is so well in every other way it is going to be hard not to go that route if it gives her decent chance. Back on the 15th to be seen again and will decide then if we go ahead with the second tildren and the IRAP on the 'bad' leg. There is the distinct possibility that I may lose her :-( so a few more jingles would not go amiss - I have definitely needed more than my fair quota this year, have to speak to the insurance tomorrow. Thankfully it will be a new claim as they can't deny she was completely sound on it when Phil did her lameness workup two weeks ago.

Good news - Fly is completely sound :bounce: Hospital plate is off. Small hole left but Phil thinks that will disappear when the foot is trimmed. Just has to have terramycin spray on it. To keep the shoes on this time then after that they can come off. Two more weeks of box rest and hand walking then he can start restricted turnout for a month in a pen, then allowed to be a normal baby pone. :D Staying at ours for the next two nights (George is out on the tiles for two nights) as farrier here on Thursday then back to his Auntie Shelly's on Thursday night for the next couple of weeks. Moving him to Leamside on 8th September so Pinky can have his bed back. If Peri does start to heal the plan is she will move to Leamside and Fly will come home once he is ready for proper field parties.


OMG, that's awful news :( Fingers crossed, it's going to be a long road for both of you.


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Aug 22, 2007
Am so so sorry to hear that about Peri - lots of healing vibes being sent your way!!!!

Good news about Fly though


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Apr 30, 2010
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Oh poor Peri, poor you. I seem to have said that before this year! Keep your chin up, know what it's like when you get hit with one thing after another. At least you had good news on one of your neddies. :smoke:


Jan 12, 2008
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my horse had minor injury to carpal tendon on fore leg and the insurance excluded his other fore as said would put more strain on it!! they did reinstate after 6mths of no signs of lameness but had to get vet out to prove it, and reinstated the injured leg for any other claim except carpal tendon after 12 months, again needed to pay a vet to confirm sound. you have to keep an eye on the insurance companies:unsure:
all the best for a good recovery with your horsey.


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Oct 13, 2004
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Lots of healing vibes. We're having my mare scanned (I think) this week and Joe - he's been in his box now for coming up 8 weeks. It is still touch and go as to whether he'll be sound enough even to go in a small paddock and enjoy his retirement, so I do feel your pain with Peri.
I read something in Horse and Rider about that type of bandage, must go and look it up...am curious. Lots of good healing vibes to you anyways.
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