Hacked the spotty one out alone,rather pleased!!


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May 20, 2006
So not a big to deal to many,but huge one for me and my fruit loop.Friday evening I decided on a whim to take spotty one out totally alone for a short hack.It went so well and am most chuffed with him and myself:smug:

As many of you know he has not always been easy (in his defence a lot of that is just that he's young and his education has been very start/stop at times through no fault of his own) and is rather inclined towards the dramatic.Add to this the fact that my hacking is through very busy areas,I have issues with getting off and on etc if needed due to my silly feet and that am a bit OCD and tend to overthink things:redface:has meant that I have never felt happy to hack him out completely alone.Have gone out with others or a foot soldier,and have ridden in the school totally alone,but never properly hacked out alone through the village.

However he has been so good recently,really seems to have grown into himself and settled in his ridden work,even his sharer has been amazed by him (although she keeps saying to me that as this is Marb,he is bound to have a plan to remind us of his loopyness at some point lol),and hacking out has been a high point for him.
He has always loved hacking out but has been extra good lately,so bold taking the lead (in fact he just won't go behind,has to lead everything and everyone lately!!),far less spooky and OTT with surroundings and really keen to get out with and without slow cob,that has given me enough faith in him to attempt a solo effort.

Had sons summer fete,so was quite late by the time I got to field,but just sort of decided to tack up and go,and he was fab!!
Couple of very small spooks,and had zero brakes coming back from trot (he is generally over responsive to aids and commands so this isn't too much of a worry,think it's just that he's so keen and full of energy when out lately that struggles to contain himself initially),but went around the block including busy village centre and although rather speedy was good as gold (he is always speedy to be fair,but prob just noticed it more as was on my own and worrying!!),saw a friend who commented on him being on a mission lol

I even managed to get on nd off on my own:smug: That sounds lame I know but with my feet and limitations is quite an achievement!!

So yeh bit of an essay for something that only actually took 20 mins lol,but is a huge step for me and spotty one.TBH there have been many times in the last couple of years that thought I would never be writing this post,but just shows how it can all come right in the end:smile:

I'm not sure this means we will be out roaming all over the countryside,not that sure of him just yet,but I am quietly looking forward to riding him out a bit more when possible.
I used to love hacking out alone on other horses have had in the past,but have just not felt comfortable doing it on Marb,so this is a really positive step for us even if it still takes a while to get to the stage of doing it without any worries.

For a spot of irony,he is actually far more confident hacking out on his own than the cob lol.
Cob is great as nanny horse,but not as happy alone.Although more steady and safe than Marb in his actions and way of going,he does not have the bravery and enjoyment that Marb does when out alone.Cob needs encouragment forward all the time,where as Marb needs holding back lol.Just struck me as funny that have had a complete role reversal in my neds and that the scatty youngster is now braver than the confidence giver:giggle:

Really will shut up now:redface:


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May 18, 2009
Absoloutly bloomin well done!
I loved reading your post and it's such a nice feeling isn't it when you do something that is such a huge achievement. Well done, there will be no stopping you now. Im really pleased for you.


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May 20, 2006
Aw thanks folks,not a big deal to many but knew you guys on here would understand what an achievement this is for us.

Even my non horsey partner was excited lol.

He's so great to ride in so many way's,and full of potential,but way too forward and sharp for me to have as a happy hacker is what I had resigned myself to thinking,but now I'm thinking maybe he can be both??

Or maybe slow cob has made me so lose the will to live with plodding,that have now become desperate for a turn of speed lol:giggle:


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Sep 14, 2009
Oh, DL. Am just so so chuffed for you. And such a good Marb, growing up maybe! Am sure he doesn't have a plan up that spotty leg, perhaps just enjoying himself now.

See, Marb not so bad when you have had to put up with plodding!!!!


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May 20, 2006
Thanks everyone for the kind replies,I really am so pleased that have managed it,and even more pleased that 20 mins is actually a respectable time for a first hack:smug:

Oh, DL. Am just so so chuffed for you. And such a good Marb, growing up maybe! Am sure he doesn't have a plan up that spotty leg, perhaps just enjoying himself now.

See, Marb not so bad when you have had to put up with plodding!!!!

Thank you hun,and yes he does seem like he has grown up all of a sudden,and really does seem to be enjoying his work,although wouldn't be so sure about it not all being a plot up that spotty leg of his:wink::tongue:

The ploddy cob bless him,he really is a lazy slow beast lol

Moves so much better since having his shoes off and definitely more sprightly,but still a slow plod at heart.I sometimes think that even with my feet it would be quicker to get off and walk lol:giggle:


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May 20, 2006
Well done you and Marbs:biggrin: 20 mins is a great time for a first hack keep getting out and about with him, the more he sees the better he will be at hacking.

Thank you,and great again about the time.Felt a bit of a cop out only going around the block,but is a reasonable distance and is all roadwork (mainly housing estate,but also part of the main road through village centre) so plenty to think about and worry about in my case:redface:

To be fair he is fine at hacking,as in he loves to be out and will go for miles and miles quite happily.It's just that he's generally a bit of a drama queen and tends to over react *if* there is something he doesn't like which just makes me a bit apprehensive about being totally on my own,especially as I struggle to get off and on on my own,so dismounting to lead for instance would be tricky.Having said that he's better with that sort of thing these days as well,pretty bombproof with most things TBH,just as I know him of old have these little niggles about what he *can* be like.
He also is very,very keen and will go everywhere at speed if allowed.I don't mind this in itself,but it does make me a little tense and trying to slow down a power walking pony does not make for a relaxing amble around the lanes lol

You are completely right though about keep getting out,but prob more for my nerves than his:wink::redface:
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