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Apr 25, 2008
I have a smallholding in Chelmsford, and my stables back on to some newly built houses.

My stables are literally about 3 metres from one of the houses back fence.

Well, last year, all hell broke loose when one of the neighbours, knowlng full well that we have horses here, let off what I can only describe as IRAQ WAR re-enactment.

They were letting off fireworks and firebombs straight over the top of my stables.

Well, as you can imagine, my three horses were petrified.

We went round and asked them to stop, which only resulted in a full blown slanging match and people threatening to kill each other :mad:

They just did not accept that letting fireworks off near horses is not only irresponsible but did not seem to accept that the horses were terrified and likely to do themselves injury, if not physically then mentally.

Anyway, after knowing full well that they had upset me, my family and my horses, they had the bare faced cheek to then ask if they could purchase some land off us. Well I think you know what our answer to that was :eek:

I have just had put in my letterbox a letter with attachments (9 pages long) which says "FIREWORKS EXTRAVAGANZA 7TH NOVEMBER 2009", "PROUDLY SUPPORTED BY NASA", to take place at their house.

I mean, are they taking the P**s of what!

They included legislation in their attachments which states "FIREWORKS MUST NOT BE SET OFF OR NEAR LIVESTOCK OR HORSES" etc etc.

Are they thick or what.

I have written to my solicitor not only due to the horses but due to the fact that their garden is just not legally big enough to let fireworks off near the people in it.

The family own a very well known waste company in Essex. I have a good mind to go to the papers about horse hating ba***rds :mad: :mad: :mad:


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Oct 1, 2008
I totally see where you are coming from how irresponsible.

I am by no means a kill joy and love fireworks myself but wouldnt think about planning something like this if it was going to cause distress to anybodies livestock.

It seems as if they are doing it on purpose due to last years confrontation.

Not a nice situation to be in.

Do you keep your horses in on bonfire night or would it be safer to let them run in a field?


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Apr 25, 2008
I've considered leaving them in the field but worry that they will go beserk, break fence, impale themselves, break a leg etc. etc.

My TB will be distraught.

I think I will have to get the vet to give them something.

Mary Poppins

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Oct 10, 2004
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Can't you take a deep breath and go and knock on their door to try and calmly talk about it. Is there anyway that you could remove your horses for the night on the basis that they do not let fireworks off on any other night of the year? Or, could you put the horses right in the bottom of the field (depending on how much land you have got).

I really would try and sort this out calmly and rationally before it escalates into something bigger. If you don't, they sound the type of people who may, out of spite, have a fireworks night at any time of the year. Is there any member of the family that may be more sympathetic?

If you don't get any luck with them, I would take the documents they sent you to the police and discuss the situation with them. They have told you of intent to break the law and perhaps they could intervene.


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
Oh what a horrid situation for you - you have my sympathies. I too would perhaps try and talk them out of it - or at least try and appeal to their better nature (if they have one) and ask them to not let them off quite so close? It does sound very extreme of them to have taken such measures as actually taunting you by sending you a letter. It is awful when this sort of thing gets going. I know you are feeling bad towards them, but for the sake of your horses is it worth just one last try? And, as Mary poppins points out - as a last resort you could take the letter to your local police?
From a practical point of view - could you purchase some Sedalin from your vet and administer that? I am lucky in that our old tb did not bother at all when there were fireworks nearby - he seems to have grown up near a lot of noise and such and doesn't really mind. I can see where you are coming from tho, its such a worry.


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Feb 1, 2009
If it were me I'd ring the police as that must be illegal.

Secondly, I would move your horses for the night. To be that close to their garden is a real fire risk especially if their garden backs onto your stables and they light a bonfire.

Good luck


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May 20, 2006
First off can I say what total idiots,and how you have my sympathies having to live near such muppets,I mean what do they get out of being so pathetic and childish??

They are obviously aware that they shouldn't be doing it,and yet they send you a letter telling you they are doing it and pointing out how they will break the law to do so,morons!!

I think you have two options,first off move your horses for a couple of day's,don't mention it,and then you can have the satisfaction of watching their disappiontment at having no animals to upset,in fact I would watch over your fence,and tell them thanks for such a wonderful free display;)

Secondly,secure your horses best you can,wait for it to start and then call the police as they are in direct violation of the law,as they themselves have pointed out.If the police are reluctant to get involved tell them the horses will probably get loose and be galloping all over the housing estate,or go round to people concerned and deliberately wind them up,so can call the police on grounds of threat to your safety (can always exaggerate a little for good measure;)).

I definitely think you should go to the papers anyway,two angles to your story,one that they are un-feeling cruel animal haters,and secondly what morons they are in terms of the letter etc.


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May 9, 2002
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My horse dentist was just telling me this morning that a pony he knew got stress laminitis last year with the shock of fireworks. I would move them if I could. Take the leaflet to the Police & the papers & create an almighty stink. I had a horse that was terrified & its not funny & could be downright dangerous.

Pale Moon

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Mar 31, 2007
whilst I do sympathise with you, as it must truly be an awful situation to be in - if these people own their own home, then they are probably of the opinion that they are entitled to set fireworks off in their back garden. Its not their fault you have horses, so why should they be stopped from enjoying themselves, just because you do???? (this isn't my opinion by the way, just trying to get across how they're probably thinking).

appealing to their better natures is probably a mistake, given the fact that you have already had a slanging match with them.

To avoid any injury or stress to your horses, I would just make arrangements to move them for the night. it really isn't worth the risk or hassle of doing anything else, to be honest.


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Jul 16, 2003
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get onto the Council / Environmental Health asap!

mind you, the yard i used to keep angel at had a big bonfire night do, erm, behind the stables each year and the horses really couldnt care less :eek: yard was in london though, so there was always fireworks going off from october onwards ...


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Oct 28, 2004
New Zealand
I thought fireworks displays had to be licensed??? There must be some legislation somewhere that states how many fireworks can be set off without a license?


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Oct 16, 2007
Its a shame you can't let off fireworks in their house while their peacefully sleeping and see how they like being scared out of their wits, not knowing whats going on.

Luna Corona

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Sep 7, 2009
Are you the only two houses for miles, or are their other neighbours with cats, dogs, other animals, to russle up some support?

I had the biggest panic attack ever two years ago when folks in my village set off a display just before bondfire night that would put something on the Gaza strip to shame. In the pitch dark I had to find my 3 horses loose in a 13 acre field, catch one and lead them all to their stables - which were towards the display - and shut all three in one at a time. I have never been so afraid of finding (another) horse with a broken leg, but neither had even a cut. As soon as they were shut in, they were ok, luckily, and the fireworks stopped within twenty minutes. I didn't go to find out who they were because I'd been told that if they didn't give a sh*t about anyone's animals, they could then do the same all over again whenever they liked. However, other immediate neighbours must have said something because they've never done this since, whew!

I would dope yours up with sedalin, Claire, have lots of your friends round for the night, and enjoy the free show next door. Even toast them :D and shout encore when they are all done.


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Dec 9, 2004
are your 3 horses in the same field as each other and would they walk up to mine ok - if you want a I have a paddock thats not being used at the mo if you want to walk them up here while they have their party?


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May 9, 2009
That's a horrible situation to be in.
I quite like fire works, but they're dangerous, anti social and go on for ever.
I think there should only be organised fire work displays, that way everyone would know where and when the displays would take place and people with animals or young children could make arrangements.


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Oct 16, 2009
oh how horrible!! i personally hate fireworks, if they were only used for puplic displays and always advertised to make people aware then they'd be fine. Now any one can buy them at any time of the year and they always worry my dogs and cat, the horse doesn't seem to mind although she's way out of town.

I totally sympathise with you, good luck.


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Mar 19, 2007
are your 3 horses in the same field as each other and would they walk up to mine ok - if you want a I have a paddock thats not being used at the mo if you want to walk them up here while they have their party?

Now, this is what I like about NR - the fact that someone is normally willing to help another user:D


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Apr 22, 2009
I personally hate fireworks, think you might as well burn a couple of £20 notes! and the noise they make quite frankly annoys me! why have these people sent you information with stuff in about not letting fireworks off near horses? I would post it back to them with all the relevant bits highlighted!


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Apr 25, 2003
there isn't much in the legislation that helps regarding 'garden' fireworks:-

The Government is aware of the concerns that many have with regard to the noise caused by fireworks, in relation to horses and indeed to animals more generally. In part, this is why we introduced a maximum decibel limit on the largest most powerful fireworks which is the first such restriction ever placed on fireworks. The level is set at that recommended by the new harmonised European Standard BS EN 14035, which puts the current maximum level at 120 decibels (AI).
While 120 decibels (AI) may be considered too loud by some, it should be noted that this is the first such limit and may well be subject to change in the future. For the time being, however, we believe that the technical issues to do with the measurement of sound are best left to the British Standards Institution as opposed to Government.
Section 5 of the Fireworks Act does not allow for the regulation of category 1 (party poppers etc.) and category 2 (garden fireworks) fireworks. However, given the generally small nature of such fireworks (evidenced by the short distance for measuring noise emitted from them), we consider that these fireworks do not present as much of a nuisance as category 3 types.
Another measure that we introduced that is beneficial to animals is the curfew. While we accept that animals may have little in the way of a concept of ‘time’, the fact that there is a significant reduction in ambient noise between the times of 11pm and 7am means that the noise from fireworks would appear louder and more distressing than at other times where there is a higher level of sound (midday, for example).
Each year, as part of the BERR’s annual Fireworks Safety Campaign, an information leaflet is produced in conjunction with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and Blue Cross, which provides practical advice to animal owners for nights where fireworks are frequently used, such as bonfire night and New Year’s Eve. The leaflet can be seen at:
The curfew time in the Fireworks Regulations 2004 of 11pm to 7am is consistent with the Noise Act 1996. We believe fireworks noise during these hours represents an inconsiderate and anti-social activity and this view was supported during the formal public consultation during the summer of 2004.
Garden fireworks are relatively small category 2 type fireworks under British Standard 7114 and with the exception of air bombs there are no plans to restrict these.
The Government does not intend to interfere with domestic family firework parties, the great majority of which are conducted in a safe and sensible manner.
Under the current Protection of Animals Act 1911, it is a criminal offence to cause unnecessary suffering to any domestic or captive animal. It is open to any person or organisation to initiate criminal proceedings under this Act where there is reason to believe that unnecessary suffering has been caused. The penalty on conviction is a fine of up to £5,000 or up to six months imprisonment, or both. Enforcement of this section of the Act rests with Trading Standards, the police or the RSPCA.
Whilst the Government has sympathy with the points made, we do not believe it would be practicable to introduce legislation of the type that is suggested. It is one thing to prohibit the setting off of fireworks in a clearly defined setting e.g. on the public highway, but it would not be reasonable to demarcate zones which are not clear to the general public. We would however hope and expect that people who are aware that horses are kept in the vicinity would be judicious in their use of fireworks

Fireworks must not be set off near livestock or horses in fields. Anyone planning a firework display in a rural area should warn neighbouring farmers in advance.

Obviously try to make sure that fireworks are never set off near your horse¹s field or stable. Wherever possible tell neighbours and local fireworks display organisers that there are horses nearby so that they can ensure fireworks are set off in the opposite direction to them.

Unfortunately we are often not forewarned about private fireworks displays so think and plan ahead for 5 th November and New Year¹s eve and beproactive about finding out when other celebratory occasions involving fireworks might occur.

Preferably keep your horse in his familiar environment and in his normal routine with his companions, which will give him security.

If your horse is usually stabled keep him stabled, if he is normally out in the field keep him there as long as it is safe, secure and not near the fireworks display area.

Ensure that you or someone experienced stays with your horse if you know that fireworks are being set off. This way you can observe his behaviour, ensure that he remains safe and respond accordingly to his reactions the next time. If you know your horse reacts badly, speak to your vet or perhaps consider moving him for the night. It¹s also worth looking at the benefits of complementary therapies to help your horse stay calm. If your horse is distressed don¹t Œover comfort¹ him as he will sense your anxiety remain calm and positive.

Take care not to get in the way if your horse becomes stressed as you may get hurt.
Don¹t take the risk of riding when you think fireworks might be set off. If you have to leave your horse in the care of another person ensure that you leave clear instructions and contact details for your vet should any problems arise.
The Blue Cross is Britain¹s pet charity, providing information, advice and practical support for pet and horse owners. Through our network of animal adoption centres we rehome thousands of animals each year. Our hospitals provide veterinary care for the pets of people who cannot afford private vets¹ fees.
The Blue Cross, Shilton Road, Burford, Oxon OX18 4PF Tel: 01993 822651

Sofi P

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Jan 2, 2008
I'm going to be totally objective here and I appreciate you are upset and concerned for your horses but I really think you need to be level headed about the situation.

Last year your neighbours probably didnt know that their fireworks would scare your horses, ok so this might be a little dumb of them but we cant assume everyone understands the needs horses and other animals (how many times are we asked 'so you're going to the farm AGAIN today? No, today they are fending for themselves, I've given her a 6pm curfew...' but I digress) And having a slanging match with them clearly didnt help the matter.

And this year they have given your forwarning of when they are holding their party. So the way I see it you have a couple of options, give the horses sedoline, or move them. At my old yard we used to leave tonnes and tonnes of hay in the field furthest away from the house having a party and they were all fine, then we went down the road to enjoy the party! You may not have the option of a further field but you do have other options.

I dont intend to sound mean or unsympathetic but we all have to get along and I just dont think aggression is the way to solve things, but then people do say I'm a bit of a push over...
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