Doesn't Need Company!


Gracie's mum
Jul 31, 2005
Didn't feel like riding today so went to the yard to do my chores in my jeans. Got there and got pounced on by YM (now back from weekend away) as I opened the car door "Quick! Tack up! We're all going hacking!" ("All" being 3) So naturally I said "OK" and went to fetch G. We were out for about 50 mins and we got to a point where a left turn would take you back to the yard in 20 mins or a right turn would give you another hour's riding. As it was 5pm and I still had to muck out, I said G and I would peel off here as it was so late and go home solo. YM said "Would you like me to come with you?" I think she thought G would be funny about being asked to leave her friends. As it was, G realised we were headed for home and didn't falter in leaving the other 3! She marched off with gusto and not a backward glance..... leaving me to yell "Er... No thanks, Jen..... I REALLY dont think it's a problem!!!!" :p She was as good as gold all the way home on our own. :)

Another tick :cool:
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