Characteristics of the Friesian horse


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Jun 23, 2021
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It should be noted that among the most notable characteristics of the Friesian horse, the following are essential :

  • It measures between 165 and 175 cm at the withers and can reach a weight of up to one ton, usually hovering between 600 and 900 kg.
  • It is a species with a highly developed muscular structure , with a broad, slightly sloping back and a broad, but erect neck.
  • As for the colors, the classics are: glossy black or very dark brown . The presence of spots or other shades is not accepted by the official registry.
  • The head of the Friesian horse has a good proportion to the body. It is usually elongated and has deep eyes, while the pointed ears are slightly turned inwards.

  • It sports an abundant coat, because the breed is native to cold areas .
  • Both the tail, the mane and the legs have very protruding strands of hair.
  • It is a strong and sturdy species, because the legs have an ideal proportion and resistance.
  • As for its dynamic qualities, the Friesian horse is very agile : it easily learns the steps for dressage , so it impresses in the shows for having a powerful but graceful size at the same time.
  • His walk is elegant and harmonious , with good elevation and when he walks, as his hooves are large, he denotes power.

Basic care

The parts that require the most care in a Friesian are the ears and coat . In the first case, it is important to keep them clean to avoid hearing obstructions, but without going too deep, so as not to damage the eardrums. Just use wet towels and just clean the accessible parts of the ear .

In order for the Friesian horse to maintain a shiny coat, it must be well fed and combed often. Frequent use of shampoo is not recommended as it affects the natural color of the species and, when brushing, one should try to remove dead hair.

Finally, you need to check your teeth often in order to keep them in good condition. This will allow you to avoid chewing and even food problems, preventing digestive disorders, as well as pain for any dental pathologies.


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