Bit of advice needed



Tyler has been given the all clear to be turned out now and the vet doesnt want to come up and see him. She advised that I turn him out in the school a few times to make sure the cut has heeled properly and isnt going to burst open again. He was out on Sunday and the scab cracked slightly, but not to the extent that I was worried. Putting him back out in the school tomorrow. I have been working nightshift so unable to get up and get him out.

When do you think he should go back out into the field? He has to wear overreach boots on the reard legs.

When do you think he shoudl be ridden? He is sound when walked and trotted in hand.

Trying to be over cautious as to be quite honest I dont want my urge to ride him taking over. I had a near breakdown after realising he has spent 6 months of the year out with injuries, which resulted in me sitting in work crying, unable to explain to any one the ridiculous reason why I was upset lol.

I don't want to start riding too soon because I am being selfish but at the same time he has not been ridden since mid February. And before that he was off work October til January. Prior to that we had issues April til June

Skippys Mum

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Nov 25, 2007
I'd wait till he had been out in the field a couple of times then start walking work with him. You walking him under saddle will be no harder on his leg than him hooning around a field. You can get his fitness program under way with a fair bit of walking and once the cut is fully healed you can start reintroducing trot and canter.

Shiny Boy

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Jan 17, 2009
you could start taking him out in hand, might stretch the skin around the wound a bit and supple it up before he starts hoofing it round the feild, and give you a much better idea of how read he is to ride?

Although if you have walked and trotted in hand you might have already done this? If you feel he is ready to be ridden some short walk work may not be a bad thing if that is the case?

I have had a similar thing wiht my four year old, he had an injury at christmas and is really only properly sound again now, but its hard to start his training up again when I am worried he might not be quite ready... He will have a weakness in his hoof for some time to come and although he is sound, I am very concious of my potential to make him lame again.. Bloomin horses!
Jul 23, 2008
Sudocrem is a wonder for keeping skin from cracking! Slather that on and get riding - doing loads of walk work will get him well prepared for building up the ridden work. If you have the skin supple and keep applying the sudocrem, I would turn him out. Good luck with it!
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