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Feb 28, 2008
the last time i owned a horse it was all about jute rugs and new zealands :eek: lol now i'm wondering whats the best thing to put under honey's rug (she lives out 24/7) in winter on really cold days.....?

another turn out rug?
Fleece? (i remember the first fleece rugs used to slip back to the point of no return though and end up pulling on their shoulders and hangign out the back :rolleyes:)
a duvet type specific under rug?
a stable rug?
thurmatex type? (i have one but ideally want to keep it for cold travel/cooling rug for after rides)

any thoughts on the best now days would be great.
Ta x :)


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Dec 16, 2004
i find under rugs tend to slip slide about and end up all soggy and wet :rolleyes: how about going for a super heavyweight rug? i have a fal goliath and at 450g fill, it's super, super toasty even in foul, cold, wet weather :)


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Jan 7, 2005
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Jute Rugs - Blimey where have you been :D I remember my first pony had a jute rug custom made for him because they didnt used to make small rugs.. bless.

As eventerbabe said it is better to put a heavier weight rug on if you can but if you must use an underug I have tried just about every one on the market :D My horse doesnt like cold rugs put on him so although I would rather not use an under rug I dont really have much choice.

I personally don't like the fleece, thermatex or cotton etc as an ** because I think they tend to pull the horses coat up if worn all day and would most likely rub shoulders bald (unless its lined of course). The best thing I have found is the Amigo stable rugs. They are shiny lined so it is nice on the coat and is slightly higher cut at the withers so it doesnt tend to pull back.(although if you use a rug without a neck cover or high neck you might find it would protrude from under the turnout)

An added bonus is they are quite cheap and the light ones easily fit in your washing machine

Also the Amigo has T clips on the front which are less bulky than buckles so I think would be more comfy for the horse.


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Aug 6, 2007
The best thing I have found is the Amigo stable rugs.
An added bonus is they are quite cheap and the light ones easily fit in your washing machine
Also the Amigo has T clips on the front which are less bulky than buckles so I think would be more comfy for the horse.

I have to agree, the Amigo is exactly what I use under a heavy weight weatherbeeter. The nylon lined Amigo keeps the coat flat and shiny.
A bonus is that the outer rug keeps a clean lining and the amigo rug can be washed and dried in 24hrs (I have two, so one is always clean ready to put on when the other is washed).


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Jul 15, 2008
i phoned up a company about sizing of the amigo rugs, it was their amigo lw 600 i think its called, a 6ft which should be 72" was 71" and a 6ft 3 which is supposed to be 75" was 74":confused: so that particular rug was smaller made, and there's not really adjustments on the chest straps of amigos is there??????
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