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Nov 29, 2012
Hi there. I've stumbled across this site and it's been great help to me already.

So my situation - I instruct kids and teens kayaking at an outdoor adventure center. I live near the center and have stables and a paddock, plus a couple of bomb proof ponies. I've been wanting to set up riding for autistic and aspergers kids as an activity and was wondering if you guys have any advice?

Is there anywhere I can get a grant? What's the lowest level of instruction I need to have (I'm aware the more experience and qualifications I have the cheaper insurance will be)? Do I need to have someone come out to check my yard?

I teach a few children with asbergers and mild autism and that is not much more difficult than 'normal' children. To teach severely autistc children you need very special ponies ( I have only met one who could cope with unpredictable riders) and a lot of experience including working with RDA groups.

Whatever you do you need insurance and a RS licence from your local council based on a vet and h&s check as a minimum. Most councils will insist on a teaching and horsecare qualification , the RDA Instructors would be the most relevant. Most of the funding goes to RDA groups but some places are subsided by the profits from day to day RS lessons or charities that have a few 'rescue' ponies and volunteer helpers
Hiya! :wavespin: welcome to the forum!
Eml is the one who knows all about Riding schools on here so I will not comment any further on what you would need to consider, but maybe it's a good idea to approach your local RDA and have a look at how they operate, volunteer there?
Hi! My friends autistic son rides my old Rosie once a week, he has improved so so much, he is severely autistic, will never be able to speak but just adores being around the horses. He is very noisy when riding but has the most amazing core and does sitting trot amazingly! Rosie is a gem for him, doesn't react to his behaviour at all.

No advice regarding your idea, listen to EML, she knows her stuff :)
Nothing to add to all the good advice really, except to say that volunteering with an RDA group would probably be invaluable experience.

Good luck with it!
Rainbow Horses ( on Facebook or google search) run equine therapy sessions for children with autism and ASD. Might be worth speaking to them too.
That's great help guys, thanks so much, I really appreciate it.

Eml do you think I would need different insurance or would the insurance I have for the other activities like kayaking cover it?
Thanks for all the help guys. List has been slightly updated. Gen 1 and 2 have been updated. Need to go through the rest later on what else I have gotten.
@AustinJew are you replying in the right forum? you've replied to a couple of old threads with answers that appear to have no relevance.....I'm not sure what list you are even referring to?
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