Arab types


xxx my lovely arab xxx
Nov 23, 2008
Good grief, he DOES look like Lou! They have the same face :D
I'd be quite surprised if they're not more closely related than that distant Blue Domino connection!

Found his papers:)

Blue Domino, Rizzalix, Rithyana and Naseem from what i can see.
All distant relatives but through both sides so really strong blood connections. His sire is SHALUDE and his dam is AUBRETIA if you would like to have a look:D Small world isnt it! xxx
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Mar 12, 2006
i have to say im not really a fan of arabs but my friend is she and her mum used to have an arab stud but its just her mum now but theses are her two stallions pics taken from the website

and harry

these two i have to say could make me change my mind about arabs


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Dec 29, 2008
I first saw Kuda at the Nationals in 2006, the same year I bought my filly. And because I was buying a Pilot baby I was interested in seeing Kuda. I was in love. I went to say hello to him in his stable and he was such a sweety. I then saw him last year and made an effort to say hi to him again.


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Nov 1, 2002
Ashford, Kent
Brilliant thread!!! :D :D

I love AH Kuda, we had a stallion bred by Anne Hawke too. AH Mahal.

I love the crabbet types but I'm also a fan of Padron but not how he is shown and presented!!! Natural for me I'm afraid!

Khamis, your boy is related to my Jasmine!!

here is Shantih, she is a mix of crabbet, old English, Polish, Egyptian and if anyone knows what else please tell me lol!!



Here is AH Mahal's breeding:



Here is jasmines breeding:




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Nov 1, 2002
Ashford, Kent
I have a few! Will upload them. No he had to be sold as our stud never took off due to us loosing the yard we were renting to start our stud. He was with us for another 2 years but he was not fair on him to be just doing nothing (apart from being ridden a bit) so he is down in cornwall breeding to coloured gypsy Vanners and producing beautiful stock!

I sold the mare that I was using to produce our first foal as I wanted to find my dream mare (Chestnut 4 whites!)

here is periannths breeding. She was almost pure Polish:




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Nov 1, 2002
Ashford, Kent
Hmmm I have found one pic of him, thought i had more. there is one of him on all breeds too.


Here is Cass Ole the stalion that played "The Black" Or "Shetan" in the movies. We got Morris (AH Mahal) because he was a spit of him and that was our dream stallion after watching the film as children!


almost the same except fat belly lol!



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Aug 16, 2020
Hk I would love it if you were able to contact me please, we bred and owned khamis and his parents, aubretia and shalude and his sister shahtoush lol...... Would absolutely love to see some pics of him and how. He is getting on please
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