a beach visit!


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Jan 15, 2010
took my baby pony to the beach at the weekend, not only was she a wee superstar but it was warm and sunny too! :) She had a couple of ‘moments’ when she decided she would quite like to go back to the trailer and when the Sea Monsters got too much to cope with nibbling her toes haha, I though I was getting a soaking at one point as I lost both stirrups but managed to pull her up and thankfully I think her width kept me in the plate:rolleyes: Ive had a lot of horses over the years and never would I have imagined I would bond with and love a 13.1hh pony quite so much. I love riding her and cant wait to see how she comes on :)

first glimpse.. and a very steep bank for a baby to negotiate all on her own

not sure Mother!

it got me!




<3 my pony
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