2015 Hacking Challenge end of year totals


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
OK I've been hanging on for the final tallies from people for the 2015 Hacking Challenge thread, so far I have updates from @Bodshi, @horseandgoatmom, @joellie, @newforest & @Stamper (though I just need to confirm if yours was ridden or in hand?)

So I am still waiting on updates from @Native Lover, @Cremola Foam, @Cinnabar , @Kite_Rider, @Aimeelou , @No_Angel , @jodiana , @Jane&Ziggy , @mystiquemalaika, @Cremola Foam , @Ale, @em_123, @KP nut, @pony lover, @Tiff45, @Dannii5691, @Pete's Mum, @HorseHelen
I would like to get the final tally down so I can get the winners prizes made and sent out :D Everyone will receive a certificate by PM, or if you want originals You can post me an SAE :D

Talking of which, our nominees for the most accomplished are (drum roll please :D), in no particular order;

In-Hand; Newforest and Horseandgoatmom

Ridden; @Ale for bettling those hacking demons, @chev went from a long break to small jumps and a 2nd in her first dressage test, @KPnut for all of her work with Cally, @Jane&Ziggy for hacking bareback, @Native Lover completing her first pleasure ride, @joellie for challenging her hacking demons, @HorseHelen got libby out solo, @Bodshi for her traffic (and boat) exposure trips & me for my long rides :D

If you have ANY MORE NOMINEES, lets have them on here by noon on Saturday, then we will put it to the vote for our winning 2 :D
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Apr 23, 2009
Thanks for doing this @Jessey. I don't envy you - I thought I'd take part in nominating people but I've been trying to read through all the posts for about a week and only got about halfway through. I am enjoying re-reading them, but haven't come up with any new nominees. Best of luck!
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