2015 final positions, winners & prizes


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Dec 20, 2004
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So our 6 1st place winners for the 2015 Hacking challenge are;

Bodshi and Raf with 641 Miles under saddle :D
Horseandgoatmom and Sonny with 208.75 hours under saddle :D
Horseandgoatmom and Sonny with 93.5 hours in hand :D
Jane&ziggy managed 6 miles in hand :D
Horseandgoatmom and Sonny got the most accomplished in hand award :D
and Me and Jess for the most accomplished under saddle :D :D

Each category winner will get a stable/name plaque with your accomplishment for the year on it and 2nd through 6th place will get a mini one :D and @Native Lover has organized rosettes for everyone who took part but we need to get SAE's to her to receive them. Certificates for each mileage/time break is also available, either digitally or by hard copy (I would need an SAE).

Please everyone PM me to claim your prizes and if you would like your ponies fancy name on the plaque please include this along with your address :D Please PM Native Lover for her address for rosettes :D

The final table is as below;

Miles under saddle
@Bodshi 641
@Jessey 515
@Native Lover 233.75
@Cremola Foam 179
@Jane&Ziggy 56.50
@Cinnabar 10.37
@Kite_Rider 08.00
@Aimeelou 07.00
@No_Angel 05.60
@jodiana 01.14

Hours under saddle
@horseandgoatmom 208.75
@joellie 153
@Ale 87.25
@newforest 73.30
@em_123 16.15
@KP nut 14.25 (Zak+Cally)
@pony lover 500 13.30
@mystiquemalaika 06.00
@Tiff45 5.00
@Dannii5691 03.50
@Pete's Mum 3.15
@AliciaA 2.00
@HorseHelen 02.00

Hours in hand
@horseandgoatmom 93.50
@newforest 71
@joellie 20.50
@Native Lover 10.00 (Belle)
@mystiquemalaika 03.00
@Stamper 2.15
@Cremola Foam 01.15 (B)
@em_123 00.55

Miles in hand
@Jane&Ziggy 6.00


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Feb 16, 2013
Well done - and wow, Bodshi, 2 hours hacking a day approx - you and Raf must be well fit! ETA - just realised it's miles not hours, but that's still loads!
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Feb 8, 2012
That is so great, well done everyone, we have all achieved so much in a year ! :) such a great thread to keep us all motivated and really interesting to read!
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Apr 23, 2009
Well done - and wow, Bodshi, 2 hours hacking a day approx - you and Raf must be well fit! ETA - just realised it's miles not hours, but that's still loads!

Thanks Squidsin. Kind of tinged with sadness because really it should have been Jessey that won 'most miles' with her ride across Wales and even me and Raf should have done more than that if he hadn't become ill in September. Still, I'm very happy to have won - I've always said we're not much good at anything, but if there were prizes for hacking we'd get one - and now we have!! Amazing :)

Congratulations to everyone else - well deserved! And thanks to Jessey for keeping totals, H&G Mum and NL for the certificates and prizes. And anyone else I've forgotten. I've really enjoyed this thread :)


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Apr 23, 2009
Well done - and wow, Bodshi, 2 hours hacking a day approx - you and Raf must be well fit! ETA - just realised it's miles not hours, but that's still loads!

Haha, in my dream life I would hack at least 2 hours a day, in fact I would have a job where I spent all day in the saddle mooching about the countryside with my trusty steed - either a cattle driver or a ranger on a nature reserve I think lol.


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Dec 3, 2014
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Let me get a postage price them I will pm each of you with my paypal details??? and we can take it from there, you can each give me your address :) it might take me a few days to sort as I forgot my brother is coming over this weekend. I will nip to the post office this afternoon :)

I had pm you my address etc a week or so ago.

No problem take your time! Enjoy your brothers visit!!
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