1. A

    Buy a horse

    Hi there! New here. Just wondering if anyone had any experience buying a horse through a website? I mean, not locally, but with some shipping/delivery involved.
  2. Hoof_hearted

    How to juggle

    Just curious as to what magical tips and advice anyone is willing to share about juggling a toddler, horses, home life and work? At the moment I get to the horses every chance I get which definitely isn't as much as i like and on the occasions i do i then feel like everything's a mad rush when...
  3. LisaH

    Christmas Gift Portraits

    Hi NR, It's that time of the year again where I open traditional portrait orders in time for Christmas! I've completed lots of portraits for members on this forum over the years of both horses and dogs (and sometimes owners!) and really enjoy it. I don't tend to get time for traditional work...
  4. Alyssa13

    Help on training some better brakes on a horse!

    Hello! So here's the situation: I'm riding a 13 year old horse, Ace, that is owned by a woman who has fallen ill. She never really cantered the horse much, the only person who cantered the horse frequently was the man who trained him and had a very specific riding style. He has not ridden him in...
  5. B

    Horse Health Survey

    Hi all! The University of Bristol are currently running a survey on horse health and they are so close to their target number of responses needed, it would be amazing if you could help them achieve it! The more responses there are, the more punch the results of the survey will have, which could...
  6. G

    Equestrian research

    Hello! I am gathering information about equestrian industry in England for my master's thesis. I would be really grateful, if You could help me with my assignment and answer a few short questions concerning horses (eg. What is the cost of keeping a horse, attending a ridding lesson, etc). It...