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Schools Guide

We have compiled a list of over 1000 UK riding schools, many with extended details, for you to browse through.

Tips and Advice

Lots of riding, horse care tips and historical archive material in our How To and Library section.

Classified Adverts

Free classified adverts with photos and video for your horse, horses wanted, horses for loan, boxes and trailers.

Kinder Way

Get a jump start on learning to ride with Heather Moffett's 'Kinder Way to Ride' series.

Sound SchoolingSound Schooling Sound Schooling Sound Schooling


Win a copy of the 'The Art and Science of Clicker Training' by Ben Hart and 'Talking with Horses' by Henry Blake in our competition.

These two books offer a very detailed look at their subject areas and make a great read whilst the weather's so bad.

Free entry to all - details on the Competion page.

• New Newletter available
• New Rider to be a sponsor of The Warrington Show
 Harry Chaim Faibish explains his classical training
 Free to enter competitions to win fantastic prizes!
 Articles on Clipping Styles and the Lower Leg added to the renamed Library area.
• New worming diary article added.
• New side-saddle articles on saddle condition and fitting and disabled riding.
• Riding in formation - try tri-cycling - great animation to help.