Ziggy's diary - out on the long reins - pictures!


Jane&Sid these days!
Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Howay there folks! Ziggy here.

Well I've been having a fantastic holiday the past month, nothing to do at all but loiter around the field and play with my mates. Then I am doing nobody any harm waiting at the gate of the pony paddock for my friend Romeo to come back, and up pops Mum with a bagful of kit on her back.

'Twas my bridle, with the dangly fly bits on that the lady in Hungary made for me, and that silly roller that makes me look like a circus pony, and the loooooong reins. She puts 'em all on me. Well, I remember being a driving pony when I was in Ireland, and the moment she picks up the reins I am ready to rock and roll.

When we are long reining I don't stop to eat and I don't try to snatch at things, I listen to Mum with my ears back, because I know she will be talking to me to tell me what to do:


I would rather she kept the reins a bit tighter, I can't feel where she wants me to go so I wobble a bit from side to side. But I try my best.

This is better, she has got me going nice and straight towards that damn dog:


We did a few nice little trots, I got forward on the soft sand but when she slowed down and said "easy Ziggy" and tightened up I slowed down too and she said I was a very good boy.

She says she gets a good view, but that's only because she loves my bum:


It was nice to be out, I was happy the whole time. I like the long reins.