your welsh cobs


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Apr 20, 2003
anybody got pictures of their welsh cobs and their lines?
im not too up on my welshes, but looking at ceryns lines i can see 2 well known ones (nebo black magic and parc welsh flyer)

this is ceryn (corlan llinos)

and this is her pedigree


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Mar 30, 2006
Renfrewshire, Scotland
My neighbour has one for sale, to see pictures of me on him, and his pedigree as far back as fits, see and do a search under scotland, ponys. He is 14.2 and VERY pretty!


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Dec 6, 2005
North East
No_Angel said:
have you got ambas welsh passport? ceryn has her pedigree on the back of one of the bue pages in the middle:)

ye i have amba's passport somewere :eek: but all it tells me is the sire and dam, i have emailed a few welsh breeders in the area amba was born and they did give me some helpful advice but they knew the same as what i knew really, thanks for the tip though! :)


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Dec 20, 2002
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my Welsh D is called Marlais Gwanwyn. He is by Maesmynach Flyer who is by Llanarth Black Magic who is by Derwen Black Magic who is by Nebo Black Magic. His mum was Marlais Myfanwy who was by Llanarth Braint.

This is him:


Daffy Dilly

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Dec 5, 2004
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You've all seen plenty of photos of Daffy so I wont stick one on, but he's by Lawhill Brenin Cymrieg (Llanarth Brenin Siarl x Lawhill Lady Jane) out of LLanarth Joy (Llanarth Flying Comet x Parc Jolly). He has Nebo Black Magic featuring once (I think there's under 10 cobs that don't) but most of his breeding is Llanarth.

Funnily enough his Mum's dam is his sire's grand grand dam, and a grand grand sire is also a grandsire, so he's inherited very similar breeding from both sides.


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Jul 8, 2005
ooh I know a couple, no piccys tho, both with derwen blood in them, beautiful black mares! Ive looked at their pedigrees tho and on the sires side lots of Inbreeding! nebo black magic featuring heavily in both, but then he was a stunner ;)


May 4, 2006
:p hi.
il send u my pics when i get sum decent ones.ive just got a sec d mare out of cascob braveheart and she needs lots of weight also got a sec d stallion and a 2yr old 16hh sec d thats for dressarge il send pics soon


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Feb 17, 2005
DORSET, England
I have three welsh cobs that are just great they have so much sprit I got them from Denwyn stud there names are Hardys Ruth, Drogeda Bethan, and Freya.
if you go to chev thread and click on try this then click on Denwyn stud you will see my welsh cobs on there. Bethan is out of the nebo black magic lines


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Oct 21, 2005
my old boy (27 and palamino) is by a nebo black magic stallion and out of a honyton micheal ap braint mare, he is the spitting image of honyton micheal ap braint.
my mare is out of the same mare but by craignant flyer.
that site Chev put up is excellent, i spent hours and hours looking at pedigrees and pictures of both my welsh D's ancestors :)
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