Xmas Panto Song and Costume Ideas


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Nov 2, 2014

The riding school I ride at has an annual Christmas panto, which I assumed would just be for the kids to take part in however my instructor told me today that she has chosen our lesson to represent her classes in the panto.

She has asked us for suggestions on a song we can do to do a little routine to, and we would dress up for it.

One of the other classes is doing Steps - 5, 6, 7, 8, another is doing the soundtrack to Frozen, dressing up as the characters, and another is doing I Want to Break Free - dressing up like in the video of course!

I can't think of anything so was hoping you might have some suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Em 1

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Aug 18, 2001
Sounds great fun! I love riding to music but sadly never did much of it when I had my own horse. Can't wait to get back into riding so I can have another go.

I'd go for anything with a nice clear rhythm/strong beat as I've found the horses go much better if they can hear a beat and it certainly helps me keep in time with other riders!

How about something by Abba - my horse loved Dancing Queen (always entertained me how my 17.1hh+ boy would prick up his ears and we would skip along whenever anyone put that on :D). You could dress as in the video or maybe do Mamma Mia and use the film as inspiration. Alternatively, I've recently seen a drill-style ride to 'I need a hero' which was excellent. They were just in ordinary riding gear but maybe you could go for a superhero theme or I think it was used in one of the Shrek films….?

If you wanted a Christmas theme how about these:
  • Jingle bell rock
  • The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl – 'Fairytale of New York' - I love this song. You could have some free walk on a long rein for the first bit and then pick up some lovely bouncy trot for the chorus. Mind you, on second thoughts, I'm not sure it's exactly suitable for a family riding school show :rolleyes:
  • The Beach Boys – 'Little Saint Nick'
Got a bit carried away there but I hope this helps a bit :).


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Nov 2, 2014
Thank you Em1! Love the idea of I Need a Hero - great dress up opportunities there that would keep the class happy as we have quite a mix of ages and have a few guys and a few girls!

Really looking forward to it but thinking of something is really difficult haha :)
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