Wish Us Luck.........


Sep 20, 2011
Mid Cheshire, UK
... for tomorrow.

Turning Lilly out tomorrow for the first time since last Friday.

She has been really lame on her hind right leg. It started with what looked like a slight stiffness in her hip on Friday afternoon and by Saturday morning she was hobbling quite badly and her hind leg was turning in sort of :frown: YO was quite shocked when she saw her and could feel a 'hard lump' along Lilly's back, she said her back has gone into spasm for some reason. Box rested her on Saturday and Sunday and had a back lady out to her on Monday. She had all her back checked and worked on, to free up the 'knots.' Could tell it wasn't a comfortable experience for Lilly but she must have sensed it was going to help her, as she was really good, and was still her very loving self. The back lady also noticed a problem with her stifle, a slight swelling (possibly the cause of the back spasm problem) Despite from the lameness she has been very 'chirpy' in herself, not seeming 'down' at all, and happily munching all her grub up.

Tuesday came and she was still slightly lame but much improved. Turned her out for a few mins in the school where she showed she was feeling better by cantering round and bucking :banghead: We heard a loud 'click' and the lameness was gone again :frown: - she has been ok today but only been in the school again for a short period. She is getting fed up being in now so if all is still well tomorrow she is going out in the field tomorrow morning. Back lady is going to look at her again tomorrow afternoon.

What is causing it (it has happened before, but the vet thought it was her hocks causing the problem) is anyone's guess at the moment - could be because she has just start working again (only very light ridden work tho), could be something she has done in the field or could be a conformation flaw.

Nervous about turning her out and her galloping around full of the joys and doing something else :frown: but she does definately need and wants to go out now.

My heart will be in my mouth tomorrow if she starts hooning around the field a:)

Black Beastie

What is your vet saying about the clicking?? She could have luxated her patella to which I would be asking my vet to take a look.

Hope she's ok :)


Sep 20, 2011
Mid Cheshire, UK
Thank you everyone for your good wishes :biggrin: Turned Lilly out today and it went really well, she did have a little canter but nothing too mad, thank goodness. She was really pleased to be out by the look of it.

The back lady, who is also a good friend of mine, checked her again this afternoon and could only find one very small 'knot' in her back - and no sign at all of any lameness. Stifle swelling had gone down and there was no heat there.

Will see how she goes over the weekend and try her again with some light work early next week - same work as was done this last week to see if the lameness returns and work was the cause of the problem.

What is your vet saying about the clicking?? She could have luxated her patella to which I would be asking my vet to take a look.

Hope she's ok :)

Hi BB - there was no repetitive 'clicking', it was just one click sound which sounded like something going back into place. Luckily the back lady was stood with me watching Lilly in the school when we heard this click and we could see more or less right away that she was moving much better, much 'freer' for want of a better description.

Have not had the vet out this time as was recommended by YO to get a back person out to deal with the spasm in her back, and touch wood (taps head) this has helped immensely - so will wait now and see what this next week brings after a couple of light hacks.


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
Glad it went okay, I was also going to suggest a drop of Sedolin (we used it often when Joe was recovering from his various leg ailments!)


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Dec 11, 2009
North East Linconshire
Gawd she knows how to keep you on your toes doesn`t she ... naughty Lil :giggle:

Really pleased things went ok today, and fingers crossed it`s sorted itself out and she`ll have no more issues.
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