Wish us luck..


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Oct 21, 2007
I'm going to ride my mare out in the fields tomorrow (doesn't sound like much, I know)
I'm quite nervous out hacking, I've ridden her out three times so far, twice she was fine, albeit nappy, which is normal for her, the third time she napped quite badly and started spinning round in tight circles, I threw myself off in the end and took her inhand instead :redface:
Someone said they'd take their mare out with me some time to give us both some confidence, but she's quite busy, so I'm going to take her out tomorrow by myself but with my mum on foot.
there's no reason why I can't do it, I'm capable of riding in a field, Zara is a sweet mare and I can ride through her napping now thanks to some schooling. She wont run off with me, when she spooks she just leaps to the side and then carries on.

Yet I'm still quite nervous, but I'm sick of being scared of riding her anywhere but the arena, I might stick her flash on though, for peace of mind :redface:

Kimmy C

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Jun 9, 2009
Canvey Island Essex England
I hope it goes well. I should think you will be fine with your mum on foot, she will give you both confidence. It is a very scarey thing to break a way from the safety of the arena when taking a horse out for the first few times. Im going to be part loaning a horse soon hopefully and I dont even want to think about hacking!!


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Mar 19, 2007
Good luck, am sure you'll be fine - just remember to breathe..... Why not put a neck strap on too? I've found this to help me when i've had a wobble moment out hacking....


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Sep 25, 2005
Another vote for the neckstrap...

One thing that's helped me hugely is to not think about riding right up until I'm on board. This is really, really hard to do, but you can do it with practice I promise, and it's the very best thing I've learned to do. When you think about it beforehand your mind will eventually wander into 'what if' territory, so make your thoughts slide away from any thoughts of riding at all.

Good luck, and have a lovely hack...:wavespin:


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Oct 21, 2007
Thanks everyone :)
She has a martingale so I always have a neck strap to grab onto :)

I'm always thinking about the 'what ifs?' sometimes I tell myself to shut up and I actually enjoy hacking. Last time I took Cleo out I was constantly worried that she'd run off with me because she'd done it before, but then as we went into a field she spooked and tried to bolt off, but I managed to stop her and after that I wasn't worried because it had happened and I had dealt with it, so I stopped thinking 'what if?' and loved the rest of the ride

I'm usually quite confident, but not outside the school
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