Wish us luck... Taking our showing to a new level

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Jul 13, 2009
Lincolnshire,wheres the hills?
OMG got less than two weeks to sort 3 Concours outfits and 3 ponies...My Eva, Lunan and my Friends Cob Willow for a Equestrian Life/ Equifest Qualifying show at Hill House in Lincolnshire..... this is the schedule loads of classes for us all to do inhand and ridden and Concours'D Elegance....... cannot wait... poshest show I have done so far take them up a level and first 4 in every class can go in the the Equifest/ Equestrian Life Championship Show later in the year........This will be Lunan and Eva's first time at this level since I have owned them and there first ever Inhand and Ridden Concour's classes..... and Lunans 2nd ever WHP class.


I have booked a friend who is a Show Judge to come give the team of riders and handlers some lessons in Inhand, Ridden and WHP ringcraft......My team is Caroline who I met at Blankney Show( showing her Highland) will be riding Eva for me and Concours .... I will do Inhand and inhand concours with Eva..... Jess will do inhand, ridden, Inhand concours and ridden concours plus WHP with Lunan...... Ben will do Inhand with Eva and my friend Janes cob Willow & when we are both too knackered lol.... Jane will do some classes with her Willow Inhand .... Sammy will ride Willow in ridden classes...........

and last but not least Kirsty's.... Molly is doing lead rein on my Eva, young handlers with Eva.... Child handler with Eva..... Pairs Concour's with Eva & with my friend Wendys black Friesian mare Destiny
its going to be a very long day and an expensive one, 2 and 1/2 concours outfits to sort lol and I have lost count of how many classes we are doing between us .....

My partner Graham and Jess's mum Vanessa as grooms and general dogsbodys ;-)

Some of the Classes Qualify for Equestrian Life Championship and some of the classes Qualify for Equifest.....

Wendy with the Fresian mare is making two Concours outfits and trimming up an 3rd ... ( anyone looking for Concours outfits this lady is very talented and reasonable prices) Look up BlackHorseCreations on Facebook to see some of her costumes she has not been going long but makes some beautiful outfits.



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Nov 16, 2009
Wow!! Good luck and major jel of the schedule. The novice classes sound awesome. I'd love some W&T classes like that round here. Is your inhand concourse in costume? Make sure you take lots of photos :)
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