Wish us luck for tonight!

Roxy's Mum

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Jul 21, 2009
A bit late in the day - just wanting some good luck/keep warm vibes for tonight!

Doing a midnight memorial walk tonight, 7 miles starting at midnight (hence its name!) through Bristol city centre to raise money for Children's Hospice Southwest.

The funds will go towards a respite centre my cousin used to go to - he sadly passed away nearly 10 years ago aged 14 from a genetic illness whereby he was severely mentally and physically disabled. There are a lot of my family involved tonight, including his parents and sister - plus other aunties, cousins and such like.

The walk itself is only for women but male family members are helping with stewarding, giving out things etc. The evening starts with a memorial service whereby we all light a (non-floaty) lantern decorated with the name of the loved one/s we wish to remember on it. We're walking in memory not only of my cousin, but also our Grandparents and anybody else people have lost.

It sets to be an interesting and probably emotional evening but I'm really looking forward to it. Definitely taking layers as it's supposed to get down to about 4c, brrrrr :cold:


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Oct 13, 2004
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Aw good on you for doing it! Lots of good luck vibes - will think about you if I am still awake! (am sleeping in the caravan tonight so it is a possibility). You'll be nice and warm once you start walking I'm sure!


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Feb 3, 2010
Good for you Roxy x

I cannot imagine walking seven miles in the day and in Summer, let alone at Midnight and in such cold weather.
All the best, you will be soooooooo tired in the morning :frown:

Dark Storm

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Jan 4, 2009
Just the thought of walking miles brings me memories of that 3 peaks walk we did last September... the sopping wet feet and watching my Aunt learn how to 'snorkel' in the peat bogs:giggle: Good luck, it'll be easier to walk where your going than over the Yorkshire dales..


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Jul 18, 2005
North west
Ditto CB :)

Sorry was at work last night and missed this post!

Ive done two midnight walks - the moonwalk in london being the best one - the other one was Shine in Manchester... :D

Hope it was good, and bet you were surprisingly warm :D

Roxy's Mum

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Jul 21, 2009
It was brill!!! Emotional!!

There were 1,007 women who took part and loads of men (mostly husbands, boyfriends, fathers and such like) who were marshalls/stewards.

It started at Bristol City Football Club in the stadium, where we were all given (and some of us donated to have a few extra) paper bags that we were given to decorate with the names of our loved ones, which they then put some sand in and sat a tealight on top of. The paper with the candles inside were then put on the sadium seats.

The seats at the top half of the stadium spelled out 'MEMORY' and then seats underneath were then filled with the remaining candles. There were LOADS, it was very moving. We had a sevice followed by a minutes since, and then a guitar player and singer sang a song. AND Justin Lee Collins was there! He was brill and genuinely interested to be there for the cause. Got everyone in the mood and warmed up but also had a heart of gold to those who needed it.

We set off into the night - was quite chilly but we soon all warmed up. Unfortunately it wasn't long before we were at the back as my Auntie who had a stroke a couple of years back wanted to give it her best shot but she's very unfit & generally quite poorly, so we had to stroll - very slowly! Took us 45 mins to do the first mile although we picked up to doing a mile every 15 mins or so thereafter.

JLC was at the half way mark for water refils and more hugs/photos. My Auntie & cousin's daughter who had tonsilitis were given lifts back then as they couldn't do anymore and we all continued to the finish. My feet were a bit sore but my bad knee was particularly stiff.

Quite an emotional end for most people and my sister who lives in Australia chose the right time to text my Mum as we got to the finish line to say that she went for a 7km run along the beach at the same time we did the walk in memory of my cousin as although she couldn't be there with us, she wanted to do something with us at the same time. Well that was it, my Mum was a gonner then!!!! :cry:

Today... I feel rough as hell. I feel like I have an incredibly bad hangover; I'm tired (got to bed about 4.15am and awake by 9.30am) my feet are sore, my legs ache a bit and I'm KNACKERED. I'm also now unfortunately at work until midnight - bad times! I can't concentrate!

I'm also not very happy with OH as I didn't hear from him after I left home after work to go up to Bristol - not to wish me luck or even hope I'm safe, nothing to say well done. I phoned him but had a bad signal so he said he'd phone at 1800 before I started work and I've still not heard from him. I'm very VERY annoyed.
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