Wish me luck & healing vibes please x


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Jun 8, 2008
Ringwood, hampshire
I have the vet coming back out to see Ace this morning, after a week on danilon, he hasnt been right since climbing out of his stable about 4 weeks ago, then heat about 3 weeks ago. Left him for 2 weeks, but no real improvement so the vet came out last thursday.

Trotted up and down and he was 2/10 lame, then she did the flexion test and he progressivley got worst :cry: to 4/10 lame. She did a nerve block on the yard, which made no difference at all, so gave me a week of danilon and today is 'D' day.

I really hated seeing him limping, but last couple of days when he has either trotted or cantered over for his dinner, i have been waited for him to limp on it, but he hasnt, i really hope this is a good sign. If there is no improvement he will be off to the vet's for nerve blocks and xray on affected leg, but my only concern is that this all started from him climbing out of the stable so could possibly be back or shoulder problems, oh i dont know! Well wish us luck and will let you all know the outcome x


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Jun 8, 2008
Ringwood, hampshire
Thanks guys, just got back and sadly still the same. She said there is slight worsening after full limb flexion but no change after distal limb flexion. So he is off to the horspital next Thursday hopefully, as she wants someone else there from the practise to look aswell, pending on his diary that day,as he flies to the USA on the friday and then it would be put back for even longer. Just got my first of many bills through this morning aswell for last weeks visit, better get on the phone to insurance company for a claim form.

Now next decision i have to make is when to move Ace to his new home? Was planning on moving him next Tuesday before all this happened as i had a few days off, as i wanted him settled in before i go away for xmas. Sadly through a loss this week i now have a weeks compassionate leave from uni, and think it may be best to move him sooner, as at least in new place he would have stable rest at night and a smaller paddock on his own so no looning around. Or leave him where he is, take he to vets as planned then move him to new place from the vets, but then not have any time to settle him in as back to work. What would you guys do?? x x x
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